Video: Mitt Romney Argues Strongly for Individual Mandate, Basically All of “Obamacare”


    I’ll tell you, we should recruit this guy to go out there and sell “Obamacare” to the American people. He’s very persuasive, wouldn’t you say? Heh. In all seriousness, though, this was Willard just a few years ago making a strong case for the individual mandate and basically all the components of “Romneycare,” which as we all know is almost identical to (and served as the model for) “Obamacare.” The fact that Romney’s now arguing that everything he said earlier was a complete lie, in fact all that stuff he said was the best thing since sliced bread is actually evil incarnate, demonstrates one thing above all: this guy has absolutely no principles, is utterly amoral, and certainly cannot be taken seriously when he rants about “Obamacare.” It’s actually creepy if you think about it for even a couple seconds. Is there something psychologically wrong with this guy? I’m not kidding; even for a politician, Romney takes lying to a whole other level, into the realm of pathology. Wow.