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Video: Willard “Mitt” Romney Will Say ANYTHING To Get Elected


And notice the Romney supporters in the crowd, utterly clueless that he’s lying through his teeth to them, but willing to believe THE WORST possible things about President Obama. Now why would that be? Perhaps because there’s been an unrelenting assault on Obama since the 2008 general election campaign, in which Republicans accuse him of being any or all of the following: not really an American; a “Kenyan anti-colonialist;” a “Communist;” someone who supposedly “apologizes for America;” “corrupt;” etc, etc. Of course, NONE of those things are even remotely true, but that hasn’t stopped post-truth Republicans from saying them anyway. And the media? Basically, they’ve been AWOL, with the exception of networks like Fox, which have been even WORSE, actively aiding and abetting the Big Lie strategy. It’s truly appalling, and if we had a well-informed, engaged citizenry, Romney and his McCarthyite brethren would be told where to shove it. Unfortunately, many people are “informed” by Faux, etc. That’s what we’re fighting, and we’d better all be on our game the next four months, because this s*** is unrelenting.

  • “Mitt Romney will do anything to change the conversation from his Bain tenure, offshore accounts, and investments in foreign tax havens, even distorting President Obama’s words in his newest video. As President Obama said, “when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative but also because we do things together” – a remark Mitt Romney himself says he agrees with on the campaign trail. That is why the President is committed to building an economy that invests in education, infrastructure, and innovation alongside strong business growth. But Mitt Romney has a record of bankrupting businesses, laying off workers, and helping ship American jobs overseas to make a profit as a corporate buyout specialist. His attempt to take the President’s words out of context and turn it into a political attack cannot distract from his record of fighting against the middle class.”-Lis Smith, campaign spokeswoman

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    A few months ago my brainwashed neighbor sent me a video which alledgedly shows Obama saying he is a Muslim when speaking to a Muslim audience. I found the actual transcript of the speech and the video had cut out the part where Obama said ” My father was a Muslim, but I am a Christian”. To this day my neighbor thinks Obama is a Muslim. She doesn’t understand that videos can be edited.