Virginia Democratic Women’s Caucus and DPVA Deplore Cuccinelli’s Decision on Abortion Regulations


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    Richmond, VA – Today, the Virginia Democratic Women’s Caucus and the Democratic Party of Virginia released the following statement deploring the decision of Attorney General Cuccinelli to ignore the recommendations of the Board of Health, Virginia women, and doctors to impose his own personal and political agenda against reproductive health care.

    “The Attorney General’s refusal to comply with the decision is both unacceptable and dangerous. Allowing women’s health centers to close due to partisan action and depriving women of access to basic health care such as contraception and screenings for cancer is bad for women and bad for the Commonwealth,” said Chair of the Virginia Democratic Women’s Caucus Rachel Rifkind.

    “Cuccinelli has shown he will stop at nothing to put his political priorities over those of Virginia’s women,” said DPVA First Vice-Chair Gaylene Kanoyton. “Virginia’s women deserve an Attorney General who puts partisan politics aside and uses his position to serve and protect those he was elected to represent.”  


      Richmond, VA – The Women’s Strike Force is appalled that Ken Cuccinelli is imposing his own personal views in his refusal to certify the new abortion clinic regulations.  His fixation on limiting a woman’s right to make her own health decisions in the state of Virginia is unsettling.  While these regulations would require new abortion clinics to meet the same building and design standards for hospitals, they would also grandfather in existing clinics. The Women’s Strike Force demands that the Virginia Health Board’s recommendations be upheld.

      “The war on Virginia women continues as Attorney General Cuccinelli denies the legitimacy of action taken by the Virginia Board of Health. It is becoming more clear everyday that Cuccinelli is determined to impose his own personal religious beliefs onto all Virginians. With the latest poll showing 68% support women’s reproductive rights, Cuccinelli is obviously out of step with the vast majority of Virginians.”, says Katherine Waddell, former delegate and President of Women’s Strike Force.

      Women’s Strike Force Treasurer and former delegate, Robin Abbott, states, “Ken Cuccinelli’s refusal to certify the new abortion clinic regulations promulgated by the Virginia Board of Health reflects his obsession to further restrict women’s rights and deprive thousands of Virginians access to health care.”

      Cuccinelli’s refusal to certify Virginia Health Board recommendations comes just three days after actress Madeleine Stowe energized a packed house of bipartisan supporters of women’s rights for the Women’s Strike Force’s A Night on the Red Carpet. Women are banding together showing Virginia his decision will not be tolerated.  So as Madeleine Stowe suggests, “Let’s take to the streets and remind them every single day of their lives that the vast majority of men and women in Virginia and across America respect freedom, are pro-choice and don’t like it when their reproductive rights are being messed with.”

      The Women’s Strike Force is a bipartisan coalition of Virginia activists who have created a new political action committee (PAC) raising money to recruit and support candidates to defeat any elected official who supported the “personhood” or mandatory, unnecessary ultrasound legislation in the Virginia General Assembly.

      The Women’s Strike Force is led by an impressive leadership team from every corner of the Commonwealth:

      Robin Abbott, Former Virginia Delegate, Newport News

      Katherine Waddell, Former Independent Virginia Delegate, Richmond

      Leslie Byrne, First Woman Elected to Congress in Virginia, Fairfax

      Kris Amundson, Former Virginia Delegate, Mt. Vernon

      Margi Vanderhye, Former Virginia Delegate, McLean

      Paula Miller, Former Virginia Delegate, Norfolk

      Catherine Read, Candidate for Fairfax City Council

      Mame Reiley, Alexandria

      Cynthia Neff, Charlottesville

      Teresa Champion, Springfield

      Steve Cochran, Blacksburg

      Vivian Paige, Political Activist, Norfolk, VA

      Rebecca Geller, Fairfax Station