Live Blog with Wayne Powell


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    I am the candidate running against Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Our campaign is building momentum, raising money across the country, and calling out Cantor for promoting his own political and personal agenda instead of what is in the best interest of the United States.

    I invite and encourage everyone to live blog with me for the next hour on Blue Virginia, the best political blog in the Commonwealth!

    Thanks in advance,

    Wayne Powell

    • Joel McDonald

      Thanks for reaching out to the blogosphere for the next hour.

      When you are elected in November, it’s possible you will inherit the results of the impending sequestration in January, significant cuts to both defense and social programs as a result of Washington failing to finding a fiscal solution to our deficits. This will have a significant negative impact on Virginia.

      If you were in Congress now, how would you propose meeting the benchmarks to avoid sequestration? As a future member of Congress, how will sequestration impact your service?  

    • mediawins

      Mr Powell,

      What is your stance on the money being put into campaigns by the corporations?

    • It’s great to see Democratic candidates reaching out to netroots activists, social media, etc. Much appreciated. So, I’ll cut to the chase: how are you going to do what several Democratic candidates haven’t managed to do before you, which is defeat Eric Cantor in a tough, solid “red” (unfortunately) district? Clearly, it requires money, but I’d also argue an energized grassroots movement – energized because of both the personal and policy/political narrative of the candidate – is absolutely essential. Any thoughts on that?  Thanks again.

    • huachick

      What is your position on a women’s right to choose? And what about Cantor latest attempt to take away reproductive health options in DC?

    • mediawins

      That is refreshing to hear.  Will there be any Town Halls in the district?

    • southernvadem

      Good Luck I hope you can get more media publicity