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Robert Hurt’s Shock Jock Pal Smears Gen. John Douglass as a “chickenhawk,” “dupe,” “crook”


Things are starting to get interesting in the 5th Congressional District, formerly represented by the superb Tom Perriello (D), but now pathetically misrepresented by empty suit and corporate tool Robert Hurt (R). Recently, the campaign of retired Brigadier General John Douglass (D), the Democratic nominee in the 5th this year, called out Hurt on the issue of uranium mining, accusing Hurt “of standing to gain financially from a controversial uranium mining project proposed for Southside Virginia,” and pointing out that Hurt’s father “stands to make millions and millions of dollars” from the uranium mine.

Apparently, that hit a nerve with Robert Hurt’s people, including Hurt’s favorite shock jock, Rob Schilling, who basically blew a gasket on his radio show recently. If you can stand it, check out Schilling’s tirade. But first, be warned: this is just as hateful and ignorant as Rush Limbaugh, but without Rush’s charm, wit, or intellectual honesty (ha).

If you can’t tolerate listening to this trash, I’ve transcribed from around 16 minutes in, as Schilling rips into Douglass.

…there’s this coordinated effort in Virginia…where the Democrats in moderate to conservative districts are running people like that empty uniform John Douglass and other former military people as Democrats – they should be embarrassed but they’re obviously brainless…let’s put in a military guy there so that we trick people into thinking that he’s a conservative Democrat. And from what I’ve heard of Douglass, the empty uniform, the chickenhawk, who refuses to come on this program or even acknowledge receipt of emails inviting him here…He’s scared, he’s frightened, his people won’t respond to me, I’ve sent them probably half a dozen emails, never hear back from them…yeah, he’ll fight for us, the chickenhawk who’s too scared to come on the Shilling Show, a Brigadier General…he’s afraid. You know, the reason he’s afraid – and maybe he’s a really nice guy, I don’t know, I’ve never met him personally – but he’s a dupe, and he stands for absolutely nothing. I’ve analyzed what he’s had to say in some of his quote unquote speeches here locally…and he spouts nothing but platitudes, he knows nothing...[Douglass’ slogan] “Helping Virginia Families”…means I’m going to steal from the “millionaires and billionaires”…I don’t want him stealing from somebody else to give to me…what a crook.

Keep in mind, Robert Hurt visits this Limbaugh-wannabe’s show monthly, but of course avoids doing public, townhall meetings in his district (Tom Perriello did hundreds) or debates, because he’s a nincompoop and he knows he’d get eaten alive. Also keep in mind that Hurt’s buddy Schilling just happened to launch this smear-fest against Gen. Douglass right after Douglass called out Hurt on the uranium mining issue. Coincidence? You decide.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that Schilling’s comments were outrageous and completely out of line. Of course, that’s what right-wing shock jocks do, so it’s not a big surprise or anything. What’s truly disgusting, though, is Robert Hurt’s (or his campaign folks more likely, as Hurt’s probably not smart enough to figure this one out) obvious calculation that he can let Schilling do his dirty work for him and come out smelling like roses himself.

Well, for our part, we take Hurt’s failure to condemn Schilling’s slanderous, Swift Boat-style remarks against an honored, decorated veteran who served his country with distinction for many years, as tacit approval. Also worth pointing out is that Hurt and Schilling are in complete disagreement with Ronald Reagan himself, who knew John Douglass well and even asked him serve in his White House! Gee, who knew that the great Ronald Reagan – isn’t he the Greatest President Ever to right wingers like Hurt and Schilling? – enjoyed surrounding himself with “chickenhawks,” “dupes,” and “crooks.” Fascinating, isn’t it?

Bottom line: Schilling’s remarks were an insult to every veteran in Virginia, of both parties. Just as bad in some ways, these are the type of nasty smears that have a chilling effect on good people from seeking office, and on our politics in general. Partly as a result, we’re left with career politicians like Robert Hurt, empty suits who put corporate interests (as well as hyper-partisan considerations) ahead of the people’s interests. I mean, just listen to Schilling actually MOCKING the concept of helping Virginia families. Only in right-wing loonytoons land, I guess — but still, wow, it’s just appalling.

The best response to this garbage? Help Gen. Douglass fight back, by volunteering, donating, and of course voting for him in November if you live in the 5th CD. Thanks, and go Douglass!

  • Teddy Goodson

    When did this epithet become a good cuss word among the right wing? My, how times change… but the slobbering slime mold character of the Limbaughs does not. Having no imagination of their own, they now use any word that sounds smear-like, whether it applies or not. How delightful that Douglass has stirred the pot so effectively his opponent’s surrogates (“over whom he of course has no control,” ahem) actually have to turn on their formerly sacrosanct heroes (i.e., the military). It would be hilarious, if it were not so disgusting.

  • pontoon

    guy.  He is smart and knowledgeable.  You don’t get to work in the White House under both Presidents Reagan and Clinton if you are a “know nothing.”

    His story, just as President Obama’s, could only happen in America.  As a teenager he lived in a car for a couple of months, then went into foster care…then worked his way up through the military to become a Brigadier General and the Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

    He was the targeted for assassination a couple of times during his military career, so I really don’t think he’s afraid of Rob Schilling.  He just happens to be smart enough to know, like all Dem candidates, that he won’t get a fair shake from Schilling and shouldn’t bother to go on his show.  This is typical right-wing propaganda from a bully, show-off, Rush Limbaugh wanna be.  

  • reaming out the Romney campaign for talking up “Romneycare,” which is essentially the model for “Obamacare” (although actually, “Romneycare” is more liberal in some ways). HI-larious.

  • proac

    Let us concede the obvious: That despite his protestations, Rob Schilling is a provocateur and bent widely to the right of center.

    So the moniker of “right wing shock jock” fits. Indeed, this label was stolen from me, as I’ve used it publicly on blog sites going on several years.

    Let us also concede that Representative Hurt appears regularly on Mr. Schilling’s show. As does a whole host of public servants and officials, including many from the Democrat Party, some of whom are from the farthest reaches of the liberal left. They do so by open invitation — unlike “General” Douglas, who allegedly has ducked that opportunity. Seems to me the ball is in his court, and the onus is on him, not Mr. Hurt.

    Mr. Hurt regularly holds Town Hall meetings, and VETPAC owes him a retraction on that point. He may not do the sort of dog and pony, phony-baloney “Town Halls” that “Master Tom” Perrielo used to manufacture for media consumption, but he does them — and far more often.

    Unlike “General” Douglas, Mr. Hurt does not personally assail his opponent for pandering to special interests and lobbyists when he is out meeting with constituents. Apparently Democrats now fully endorse this Harry Reid tactic as honorable? Accusation without proof or merit?

    “General Douglass” served in the military a long, long time, that is true. His military career shows solid performance as an intelligent (presumably) and capable (one would hope) policy wonk. He followed up that career with a stint as a paid Beltway lobbyist. That doesn’t distinguish him too much from a dozen or more retired “Generals” making a buck in retirement off of their service. He was not in field combat, and while that doesn’t make him a “bad” guy in the least, hiding behind his stars, and a desk, as if he were… this no Wounded Warrior, folks. Save the tears.

    Now he presents himself as a wannabe political hack for the left. Good for him.

    If the people of the 5th District are stupid enough to elect this joker to Congress, we deserve him. I don’t believe that likely. He’d be a step down from Master Tom, and that was a bad enough experience.

    So, yeah, Schilling is a loudmouth, and a punk. Which maybe explains someone’s pre-occupation with something that has nothing to do with the matter at hand — Hurt’s record, and Douglass’ ability (or lack thereof) to better represent this District. Taking their cues from the Party, they will go with misdirection every time.

    Douglas wasn’t being “swiftboated”. He was being called out. If he had guts, he’d show RS up. It wouldn’t be that hard, so why not?

    He can’t, so he won’t. His cowardice is not of Congressman Hurt’s making. Sure, he may not get a “fair shake”, though sometimes Schilling surprises his audience by being fair — Douglass and his apologists won’t know the outcome until and if there is an engagement.

    And us voters? Well, we don’t care much for a whiner — especially one who sullies his uniform.