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Video: 92-year-old WWII Veteran Recites, “Wherefore Art Thou Mitt Romney-O?”


This is awesome, courtesy of 92 year-old former North Dakota District Judge and WWII veteran, Ralph Maxwell. With the deluge of slime pouring across our TV screens by Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson, and the Koch brothers — all trying to buy our democracy and promote their favored corporate puppet, Willard “Mitt” Romney – it’s more important than ever to turn off those voices and instead listen to someone like Ralph Maxwell. This video truly needs to “go viral,” ASAP!

P.S. The full text is on the “flip.”


By Ralph Maxwell

O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?

You flip-flop here, you flip-flop there,

You flip-flop almost ev’rywhere.

You ballyhoo what you’re gonna do

And then you pull a switcheroo;

You now malign what you found fine;

Seems like you’ve got a jellyfish spine.

Obamacare, by you begun,

Now you’d trash it on day one.

Gun control you did extol,

But now you’re preaching decontrol.

O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?

We’ve got no clue what you will do

Or what new view you’ll pander to.

Time was you championed women’s choice,

But you no longer heed their voice;

On gay rights, too, guess you withdrew

Support they once enjoyed from you.

Global warming, EPA,

Immigration, minimum pay,

Roe V. Wade, also fair trade,

All joined your flip-flop cavalcade.

O, Romney-O, Romney-O Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?

So many things that you were for

You’ve turned against and slammed the door.

Stimulus and cap and trade,

Education, foreign aid,

Campaign reform, tarp rescues, too,

All victims of your switcheroo.

You take your stand on shifting sand,

We never know where you will land;

You vacillate, you fabricate,

A wishy-washy candidate.

O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou Mitt Romney?

As gov’nor you let taxes rise,

Now ev’ry tax you demonize.

You say regardless of the facts

You’d take an axe to the millionaire’s tax;

You’d feed the greed of the richest few

The poor and middle class you’d screw.

Your tax returns you hide from view

What evil lurks there we’ve no clue;

If they’re not bad why hesitate?

Is it that they incriminate?

O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou Mitt Romney?

At Bain you plundered with a flair

And walked away a zillionaire.

You shipped off-shore, good jobs galore

To China, India, Singapore;

A job creator you are not.

And to boast you are is tommyrot.

As a total fraud, Mitt’s got no peer;

What we must do is crystal clear:

Let’s give Obama four more years!

Yes, it’s Obama – four more years!




  • pol

    Everyone should to this.

  • glennbear

    I just posted this to my FB page but I am unsure how effective it will be. In recent weeks I have linked many diaries from BV on my page but as is becoming obvious there are far more people than I would have suspected who are being swayed by the Karl Rove/Fox News spin machine. The number of shallow minded people in this country is terrifying. Today in a reply on FB to a diary I posted my sister let it be known she still has doubts about the president’s citizenship.  

  • EliMom

    It’s too bad his video couldn’t be played at the upcoming convention for all to see. Even at 92 he is still serving his country, trying to make it better for his eleven grandchildren.