Video: Back to the “Father Knows Best” 1950s with the Romneys!


    I don’t know about you, but I found this video of Laurie Romney – talking about how Ann taught her how to bake pies and stand by her man, gosh golly! (oh no, sorry for the foul language) –  got me wondering if the Romneys have ever watched the movie “Pleasantville” (see the flip for an excerpt). Of course, if they did, they’d probably think the first part of the movie – the “father knows best”/”honey I’m home!” part – was paradise, while the rest of the movie – where people, both men and women, start becoming fully-realized human beings – was a horror movie.  

    • Teddy Goodson

      IMO, the entire Republican narrative as showcased so far in the cnvention is a nostalgic trip down a mythical memory lane —- only thing missing may be the poodle skirts, possibly because the fairy tale is inclined to ignore things like blue suede shoes and polio epidemics, and lock on the remnants of Leave It To Beaver with tinges of the Edwardian era—- it’s a mish-mash of how life was supposed to have been lived in simpler times, and reflects the reality of those times about as much as Western cowboy movies usually reflected the real life of the Old West. In other words, not much. It’s a corny version that has immense emotional appeal, and it appears to be very comforting to the frightened, aging white voter scared spitless by changing demographics and life styles of today. It is, in a way, the Last Hurrah, and even one Republican operative has admitted that “this is probably the last time” it will be this way, meaning, either the Repoublicans change their attitude on immigration and some social issues (gays) or the party will die.

      What I find interesting is the desperate way they are bringing front and center women and Latinos. I mean, women and Latinos who have internalized the patriarchal and authoritarian message at the heart of the Republican philosoohy. These, especially the women, are the enablers, without whose cooperation, none of the classical patriarchal social system would work. Having made their compromises (consciously or unconsciously), they must justify their choice by being super-advocates. As explained in Bullies Rule, we may well find that these women are the strongest, most vicious, and uncompromising of the whole elephant herd.  

    • Try now.

    • NotJohnSMosby

      that Mormons are completely retro?  They look at “Leave it to Beaver” and “My Three Sons” as historical educational programming.  

    • LoriHankyHaas

      The Republicans obviously think the best way to grow the party is to keep women barefoot & pregnant.