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Video: “Bobby” McDonnell’s “Good Friend” Pat Robertson Goes on Bizarre Rant Against Adoption


What a freak. Just remember, Bob McDonnell went to this guy’s school, has received s***-tons of money from him, has appeared on his show, and is such good friends that Robertson feels comfortable calling him “Bobby.” One thing’s for sure, don’t hold your breath waiting for “Bobby” to condemn Robertson’s continued, almost daily, hateful/insane/bigoted comments. That would take, you know, a spine (cojones, whatever), which clearly T-Bob doesn’t have.

  • glennbear

    My sister has three beautiful children she adopted from Guatemala. The two oldest are now in college and the third is on track for HS graduation and community college. They are loved by their parents and will be great adult citizens. Thanks to the GOP induced financial meltdown their father is about to lose his job as a factory manager for a start up solar manufacturer and times will be tough for them. I will be glad when dinosaurs like Robertson become extinct.

  • churchlanddem

    My brother is adopted. My parents adopted him when they thought they couldn’t have kids. Also, my grandmother was adopted from an orphanage. Both clearly have had better lives because of adoption.

    Wait I just realized I’m writing out arguments about why adoption is good…smh.

    Sadly a lot of people here in Hampton Roads respect this guy.

  • Va Breeze