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Close Ally of Bob McDonnell, Robert Hurt Caught in Radioactive Scandal


First, let me just give huge props to Peter Galuszka of Bacon’s Rebellion, who continues to be one of the best writers, reporters, and bloggers on Virginia politics. Galuszka’s been doing great work for years, but he’s really outdone himself the past few days, breaking an important story involving State Senator Bill Stanley (R- a large chunk of Southside Virginia), Stanley’s “close political ally” Bob McDonnell (T-Bob “helped raise $83,000 for a recent Stanley political campaign”), Virginia Uranium, and god knows who or what else. Here’s the gist of what happened, per Peter Galuszka:

*”Jerry A. Hagerman, a supervisor in Pittsylvania County which is at the center of a battle over proposed uranium mining, says that State Sen. Bill Stanley..told him that Gov. Robert F. McDonnell asked Stanley to lobby the county Board of Supervisors to shelve a resolution regarding uranium at its Sept. 4 meeting. Hagerman says he has a taped telephone call from Stanley to prove it.”

*”Virginia Uranium plans to develop a 119 million-pound deposit of uranium near Chatham. The controversial proposal has attracted national media attention.”

*This whole incident “raises questions about the integrity of Stanley, who is one of the state Republican party’s fastest-rising young stars. It tends to implicate the McDonnell Administration in influence peddling. It shows how the democratic process can be throttled in intrigues involving a proposal to mine a 119 million pound uranium deposit near Chatham that could make billions for its owners.”

*”Stanley has close ties to McDonnell,” “in [sync] with McDonnell on just about every issue.”

*Stanley is now furiously backpedaling, claiming (lamely) that “he ‘misspoke’ when he brought up the name of Gov. Robert F. McDonnell during his Aug. 31 telephone call…” Yeah, right.

*Finally, I’d add that Stanley also has close ties to Rep. Robert Hurt (as you can see from the above video, Stanley and Hurt considered each other to be long-time friends), who is highly “radioactive” himself on this one, given his own “shocking conflict of interest” on the uranium mining issue.

In sum, a close political ally of Gov. McDonnell and Rep. Hurt was caught, on tape, in a radioactive (figuratively and maybe literally as well) scandal over uranium mining in Southside, Virginia. The question is, what did McDonnell and Hurt know about this, and when did they know it? And no, it’s simply not plausible that the either the Governor, or the U.S. Representative from the 5th CD, a longtime friend of Sen. Stanley’s (who succeeded Hurt in office), knew nothing about any of this.

P.S. Again, great work by Peter Galuszka. It’s too bad the “mainstream media” can’t and/or won’t do its job, but apparently it’s gotten to the point where it takes citizen journalists to do what the PAID ones are supposed to be doing. Let’s see if they have any pride, or shame, and follow up vigorously on this story. Personally, I’m not holding my breath, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    It has been blatantly obvious to me from the start of the “investigation” into the consequences of uranium mining in Pittsylvania County that the political fix is in on this one, starting with how the National Academy of Science was explicitly directed NOT to make any recommendations on the matter in the report they produced. Then, with the GOP gaining the ability to break ties in the State Senate, it becomes a simple matter for the Republicans to lift the ban on uranium mining.

    The only hope for stopping this lies with convincing one Republican senator to do the rational thing and vote “no.” The current state of the GOP makes rationality a very scarce commodity in the party, and Bill Stanley is certainly not rational.

    (I agree that this is a great job in investigative reporting.)

  • No Party

    Im shocked you have posted twice about Uranium mining but not one word about the event that Republican HOD Member James Edmunds just had.The event had over 500 people and raised over 100 thousand dollars.The event had many Republican donors.I sure haven’t heard about the Democrats doing anything like this to keep the ban.As bad as some people want to make this a Republican vs Democrat issue it simply isn’t.

  • linda1pebv

    General John Douglass has stood up to the uranium promoters from the beginning of his campaign. Having over 100 people attend an event held by a Democratic challenger in Pittsylvania County is no small feat. People are listening and I think that a Douglass upset of Robert Hurt could be in the making.

  • No Party

    Does Douglass realize Virginia has a ban on uranium mining not the Feds ? Maybe Douglass thinks he is running for the Virginia Senate.Either way like him or not Robert Hurt will beat the socks off of Douglass in the new 5th District.I met Douglass and believe me he is no Tom Perriello.Even other Democrat blogs admit Douglass is a DUD.