George Allen is a hypocrite on national security issues


    George Allen has a series of radio ads on WTOP FM radio (the news talk rdio channel n the Washington, DC area) where he is criticizing the Obama Administration for defense cuts – saying that needs of soldiders should not be used as a ploy to raise taxes.

    The problem with George Allen's argument, however, is that he is a hypcrite on national security issues.  You see, George Allen voted against giving our adequate body armor for their service in Iraq.

    And that's all you need to know about George Allen's record on national security – who would try to send soldiers to Iraq with body armor made on the cheap?




    • The potential defense cuts are the result of Republicans’ decision to hold the country hostage on the debt ceiling increase, and in general regarding fiscal policy (and any policy, really). In short, this has nothing to do with Kaine whatsoever (and extremely little to do with the Obama administration either, at least not in the sense of “fault”), so what the hell is Allen blabbering about?!?