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Video: Mark Warner Specifically Refuses to Quell Rumors He’s Running for Governor in 2013


This is fascinating; Mark Warner is asked whether he can quell rumors about the possibility that he might run for Virginia governor in 2013, and he specifically refuses to do so. He also talks about how frustrated he is as a U.S. Senator. Sounds to me  like Warner’s more than leaving the door open to running for his old position next year. I mean, how hard would it have been for him to say, “I can definitely say I am NOT running for governor in 2013?”

P.S. This fits neatly with the article I posted the other day asking whether Tom Perriello is being groomed for statewide office…like potentially Mark Warner’s Senate seat?

  • churchlanddem

    He was a good governor and ended up the most popular politician in Virginia. He ran up an almost 30 point margin in ’08. What other politician of either party can say that?

    2013 is not a year we can afford to lose by taking a HUGE risk. I think if Warner runs he may also have some help down ballot where we need to win any house seat we possibly can.

  • aznew

    As I have said previously, Warner cannot decide what his next move is until after the 2012 election.

    Assuming Warner wants to run for PResident in 2016, I think if there is a significant Democratic loss in 2012, Warner would be better off as, and will likely run for, Governor. If there is a big Democratic win, I suspect he stays in the Senate and makes his run from there.

    A mixed verdict (say, Obama wins, but Dems lose the Senate) is anyone’s guess. That would a complicated scenario for Warner.

  • MorrisMeyer

    1.  Centrist Democrat Mark Warner crushes Cuccinelli

    1A.  Total change in DPVA and recruiting a full-slate would help him

    2.  Periello – who voted for cap-and-trade could help in the Senate when it comes down to the revenue neutral carbon swap (carbon tax that offsets collected income tax).

    Where do I send the checks?

  • Is this the same Mark Warner that you were just barbecuing a few days ago for not fully supporting the extreme party line?

    I know Mark Warner and he’s just not a good politician, he’s a good person. He knows how to run a business and how to make it profitable. Anyway, I’d have no problem voting for Warner over Cuccinelli. Warner/Bolling would be a closer tossup for me.