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Video: On Meet the Press, Willard Blows Off Questions on Deductions, Troops, Afghanistan


A day after appearing on stage with extremist bigot Pat Robertson, two days after endorsing the most heinous member of Congress (Steve King), and in the midst of an Obama polling “bounce” which has Willard down to just a 20% chance of winning the White House, the Republican presidential nominee continues to flail around, dodging questions, refusing to come clean on his non-existent plan to balance the budget, continuing to treat questions about our troops, Afghanistan, etc. flippantly, you name it. I mean, is this guy THE worst candidate for president ever? If not, he’s sure close to the worst. How could anyone even THINK of voting for this clueless, out-of-touch joker?

P.S. See the flip for more video of floundering, flailing Willard.

  • K in VA

    I’m not quite sure Steve King is “the most heinous member of Congress.” He might be, but there’s an awful lot of competition for that distinction. Michell Bachkan? Joe Walsh? Alan West? On and on?

  • Or Romney would simply rename “Obamacare” as “Romneycare,” make a few tweaks, and call it a day. Whatever, who ever knows what this pathological liar’s saying about anything anyway!

  • kindler

    If Obama had double digit leads, I’d be a lot more comfortable.  With his leads both nationally and in the swing states mostlty in the single digits, this is still way too close for my personal comfort.

    First of all, Rove and company have hundreds of millions of dollars they are pouring into this election, and we all know that they will stop at nothing to win — who knows what heinous tricks they have up their sleeve?

    Second, it’s important for Obama to not just win, but win so big that he has coattails, and hence support in Congress.  If it’s Obama with a Tea Party-run House and Senate, he will get nothing done in the next four years.  

  • Teddy Goodson

    The thing being explicitly ignored here, and not just by Romney and LyinRyan, is the underlying belief the corporate elite has toward which part of society should pay taxes to support the government and the social and physical infrastructure of any nation state. In their opinion, ONLY the lower classes (by which they mean everyone but themselves) are the ones who benefit from even having a government and infrastructure, therefore, they shoould pay for everything. The ultra-rich global corporate elite believe they are not part of that infrastructure, nor do they use it (they pay for their own schools, security, and so on) and therefore they do not need to pay taxes to support something they do not need or use. Taxes are for little people. The global elite is no longer tied to a particular nation state. They livwe in their own world.

    This explains Romney-LyibnRyan’s unending, ever-so-sincere mumbo jumbo about how they will lower taxes and reduce deficits and spend more on the miliarary, blah, blah—- it’s a smoke screen, loaded with code words and emotional buttons to cover their real destination: the little people will pay for everything, the one percent will get a free ride while sucking up any remaining wealth the little people may somehow still have.