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NLS: “Harrisonburg Is Voter Fraud Capital of Virginia”


To put it mildly, this is not acceptable.

So the forms disappear from the office, reappear in another city, get mailed in after the deadline from a fake address, and the registrar’s son– who lives in that city where the forms ended up- starts calling people, lying about who he is, falsely identifies himself the same way the forms were falsely misaddressed and tries to threaten those who were upset about the situation.

Not only did the registrar or her son not get charged with a crime- but Debbie Logan is still the registrar in Harrisonburg today.

Who supervises Debbie Logan?  Members of the electoral board- including one of Debbie’s good friends- Suzanne Obenshain- wife of the local Republican State Senator (and Attorney General hopeful for 2013), Mark Obenshain.  Suzanne served as a member during this whole 2008 debacle with the voter forms, until mid 2011, when the General Assembly passed a new law that said electoral board members could not be related to candidates or officeholders in their area.  That bill passed the Senate 39-0 with Obenshain abstaining. Obenshain did nothing to remove Logan- her friend- after this 2008 debacle.

It’s pretty shocking that this law even needed to be passed, but Obenshain refused to allow the shocking appearance of impropriety here to rethink her role as both the election judge and spouse of the State Senator from the area.

I mean, WTF, is Virginia a third-world country or what? And sorry, but I don’t buy Ken Kookinelli’s explanation of his supposed helplessness in this matter. For a guy who somehow managed to insert himself in every other hot-button issue known to man (not to mention Mann, as in Michael Mann), it seems to me that if he really wanted to investigate the “voter fraud capital of Virginia,” he could do so (or at least make a big stink about NOT being able to do so). Meanwhile, the clock is ticking towards election day – in what could be a razor-thin margin for Obama vs. Willard, Kaine vs. Felix – and, as NLS writes, “if your registration was destroyed, [Harrisonburg Registrar Debbie] Logan won’t even be able to tell you until it is too late to challenge it.” Not acceptable.

P.S. Gotta love the deafening silence from the Virginia conservative blogosphere, and the pathetic #FAIL by the Virginia media in digging into this situation. Thank goodness for a few intrepid bloggers, like Ben “NLS” Tribbett.

UPDATE: Also see Virginia Lawmakers Ask Justice Department to Investigate Voter Registration Fraud — “Congressmen Jim Moran (VA-08), Bobby Scott (VA-03), and Gerry Connolly (VA-11) today sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling on the Department of Justice to conduct a multi-state investigation of voter registration fraud connected to Strategic Allied Consulting and its subsidiary Pinpoint.”

  • ir003436

    Is there some way the entire NLS article can go on DailyKos without violating all the fair use and copyright rules?

    Just wondering.

    This WHOLE story needs the widest possible circulation.

  • totallynext

    Get the colleges involved!   All parents should write to the administrations of these colleges if their kids are enrolled to demand that the university and community college which allowed these registration activities on their campus protect the rights of their students!   There should be a mass email to all students to ck their registration and if there is an issue to notify the college.   I know I will be doing just that  

  • NWVirginian

    Don’t assume that the colleges are on the side of the students. The colleges as an entity might be. But, college administrations are still made up of individual actors with their own political agendas and opinions of town v. gown when it comes to whether students ought to be allowed to vote in their college town.

    During my time at JMU in the early part of the 2000s we had a pretty big issue when the executive assistant to the JMU President “forgot” to drop off voter registration and/or absentee ballot forms at the post office.

  • erica20

    Here’s an update and some context on Colin Small, the young man who was in Harrisonburg, VA last week for destroying voter registrations.

    This is a young man who is very, very pro-life. Pro-life enough to jettison the delicate God/Caesar balance in a dumpster along with eight voter registrations? Read on, my friends, and let’s see where we end up.

    Colin Small has a degree in politics from  Catholic University of America. In addition, he received the Edumund Burke Fellowship from Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute to participate in the UN’s General Assembly on Youth in July 2011. The vision of C-FAM is:

    The preservation of international law by discrediting socially radical policies at the United Nations and other international institutions. http://www.c-fam.org

    This is an organization that is not coy about its interests. The website’s home page features an article about “sneaking abortion into Ireland via new regulations” as well as another entitled “Gay Myths Exposed.” Mr. Small is quoted on the site, discussing his fellowship:

    “The Edmund Burke Fellowship was an amazing opportunity for me to work with like-minded youth to promote a culture of life at the UN.  While the UN officials attempted to push an outdated and increasingly out-of-touch agenda of contraception, sexual license and abortion, they were met by a crowd of young people with the words of Humanae Vitae and Caritas in Veritate on their tongues and hope for the authentic development of every person in their hearts.  On top of having the satisfaction of working for life and family at the UN, I also made a bunch of great new friends.  I would strongly encourage anybody considering applying to the Fellowship to do so, it’s an experience you won’t forget.”

    Just in case you don’t have the idea yet, here’s another student from the same group:

    Attending the UN meeting as Edmund Burke Fellows made us very aware that we had enemies– all those promoting the culture of death. Yet, through the Fellowship those battling for life, justice, and truth were united and empowered. Having the opportunity to engage so directly in the culture war was an experience that left us awakened and invisibly armed to recognize and respond to the surrounding battle.

    I don’t know about you, but if this case is ever seriously investigated, I hope Mr. Small will be carefully questioned about his religious decisions, and I hope witnesses will be asked if the subject of pro-life/pro-choice came up in any discussion of political views.

    Cross-posted at fullostrich.com

  • erica20

    Sorry that first sentence should have said “arrested in Harrisonburg.” Proofreading is so important!.