Video: “Bobby” McDonnell’s “Dear Friend” Pat Robertson Says Liberals, Gays “Want a Dictatorship”


    Remember, Pat Robertson calls our fine governor his “dear friend,” “Bobby,” and a “distinguished graduate of Regent University.” Yeah, they really churn out some gems from that school, huh?  Seriously, thought, let’s not forget that Robertson has given s***-tons of money to Virginia Republicans, including “Bobby” McDonnell and George Allen. No wonder why you never hear those guys distance themselves from any of Robertson’s demented, extreme remarks. Also, they probably agree with him, given their record on social issues (he didn’t earn the nicknames “Taliban Bob” and “Transvaginal Bob” for nothing).

    P.S. Hilariously, the Romney campaign has rolled out T-Bob to defend his “binders of women” gaffe. Fortunately for them, Republicans don’t comprehend irony…

    • Teddy Goodson

      Remember how rightwing uber-conservatives project on others what they are doing, or intend to do themselves. Hence they cry about voter fraud while doing the same themselves, blame Democrats for class warfare when they have actually been engaged in it themselves for years—- and now they are alerting us that Mitt Romney, the alpha-A type boss, will be a dictator. I believe it: Mitt has all the characteristics, and I suspect that at least 30 percent of the population, having the authoritarian-follower mindset, are so frightened of the economy and the changing demographics that they are all too ready to follow a Boss. We can only work and hope that not enough others (beyond the 30 percent Republican base) are not spooked into an equivalent fear, and vote for the R’s—- or that the election is not so close that Republican election fraud and voter suppression does not tip the election their way at the last minute.  

    • Jim B

      No doubt old Pat has gotten that completely backwards. After all liberals can think for themselves unlike the repugs that are afraid of their shadows. They load up with guns and even want to take them to church in case there is a boogieman there.