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Video: NBC29 Story on Trashed VA Voter Registration Forms in Harrisonburg


I’m not sure what to make of this story, which I first saw on NLS this morning, and which has now been picked up by NBC29. As they ask in their story:

Is it a case of election fraud, voter suppression, or something far less sinister?  That’s what Rockingham County investigators are trying to find out, after someone trashed a folder of voter registration forms.

Got me, but meanwhile the story has gone viral, now #2 at Reddit. Fascinating.

P.S. Ryan Nobles tweets: “No arrest expected today in the Harrisonburg Voter Reg disposal controversy. Sheriff tells @NBC29KenSlack they’re still investigating.” Also, NLS notes that the sheriff, Bryan F. Hutcheson, is a Republican…

P.P.S. Check out photos of the George Allen fundraiser for Sheriff Hutcheson. I’ve got more photos in the comments section of this diary.

UPDATE 7:03 pm: According to NLS: “Sources close to the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office are telling me that Strategic Allied Consulting is involved in this.  This is the same group that was in the national news two weeks ago for their “registration” drive in Florida that had forms with made up voters.” Uh oh.

  • From Sheriff Hutcheson’s Twitter feed. His comment: “Not even talking about politics!” LOL

  • mrg.uva

    want to gauge the odds that investigation is actually happening?  I say somewhere between “no way, Jose” and “when pigs fly.”

    But kudos to the Virginia media for actually covering a story in Virginia about election crime.  It’s about time somebody did.

  • YelowDawg

    Surely this is not a local law enforcement issue. Why isn’t the FBI involved?

  • hokieguru

    I’m glad you and NLS are reporting on this!!!

  • ProChoiceGrandma

    Why do I have this sinking feeling that somehow the GOPtard who threw away the voter registration forms will NOT be charged, and he/she will return to Pennsylvania unscathed?  Seeing the pictures of George “Macaca” Allen supporting Sheriff Hutcheson and Hutcheson’s big smile posing with LyinRyan does not give me any faith that the Republican Sheriff will do anything, and certainly not before the election.  Hopefully the DOJ will investigate.

    The only amusing part of this story is the fact that the GOPtard is not eco-friendly, he threw the trash into the recycle bin, and the environmentally conscious good citizen saw him and pulled it out of the recycle bin to place in the trash when he noticed the voter registration forms.  He wasn’t ‘dumpster diving’.

  • ir003436

    My daughter — an attorney in D.C. (okay, no jokes about D.C, New Jersey, attorneys, and toxic waste dumps) — is a bundler for Obama, and, she works with the DNC voter protection people.

    I forwarded this to her Wednesday night and she replied this morning that DNC attorneys are in Harrisonburg looking into this matter.