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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, October 26.

*Endorsement: Four more years (“Barack Obama’s clear-eyed view of the road ahead makes him the better choice for president.”)

*What America will we choose? (“This election is about identity, and Obama embodies the America of now.”)

*Richard Mourdock One Of At Least 15 GOP Senate Candidates Who Oppose Abortion For Rape Victims

*Obama rallies 15,000 at Carillon in Richmond

*Daily Disclosure: Adelson spends big on Virginia U.S. Senate race (That really says it all about George Allen…)

*Virginia Senate race tops in outside spending (This deluge could have been avoided to some extent, but George Allen refused to reach a reasonable agreement offered by Tim Kaine.)

*McDonnell stumps for Allen, downplays disagreement (“McDonnell and many other Republicans took the same position on the deal that Kaine did, calling it an unpalatable but necessary step to keep the nation from defaulting on its credit.”)

*Editorial: In the best Virginia tradition (“It is no surprise, then, that even Virginia newspapers that normally support Republicans are this year endorsing Tim Kaine – for his learned and thoughtful approach.”)

*Cuccinelli: Eminent Domain Amendment Prevents Government ‘Bullying’ (Hilarious, coming from Virginia #1 bully by far!)

*Fairfax County Times endorsements: Kaine for Senate; Moran, Wolf, Connolly for House

*Wolf’s challengers face uphill battle

*Ryan campaigns in Bristol, Albemarle (Lyin’ Ryan’s back in town – yippee!)

*Richmond crowd savors a moment in history

*Side effects of AG’S activism (“Political power often tempts elected officials to overreach, but rarely does the abuse of authority cause the kind of injury Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s has inflicted on the state Board of Health.”)

*Obama, Bill Clinton to campaign in Prince William Monday

*Editorial: Vote no on Question 1 (“An amendment on property rights pretends to solve a problem already addressed by state law.”)

*Biden to campaign Saturday at Landstown Middle

*Schmookler holds news conference, criticizes Goodlatte

*Hirschbiel, Rigell exchange attacks in third debate

*Editorial: Vote yes on Question 2 (“It’s the easiest decision voters will make this year.”)

*Dumler says he is not guilty, won’t quit supervisor seat

*UPDATED: Criminal Investigation Launched into Moran Video

*Forecasters paint spooky scenarios for ‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sandy

  • John Douglass is running a strong campaign for Congress from Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District. After a lifetime of service to our nation in the U.S. Air Force and as a defense executive, John wants to return to public service as a member of Congress to promote new jobs and economic growth in Virginia.

    John’s proven leadership will help bring Republicans and Democrats together to break the partisan gridlock that has blocked progress on so many important issues, ranging from deficit reduction to a new farm bill for our agricultural communities. John has won the endorsement of the Roanoke Times and support from citizens across the district.

    I am pleased to endorse John for Congress, and I hope you will join me in doing everything you can between now and election day to elect him to this important House seat. In the next 48 hours, John’s campaign will have to make a tough choice about how much it can invest in one of their final TV ad buys of the election.

    Please help John make that choice a bit easier — he is several thousand dollars short of what he needs to get his message out.

    John isn’t another career politician intent on making a career in Washington. He knows what it takes to help our families, but he really needs our help. This final budget deadline will make sure he has the momentum it takes to win.

    Thanks for your help.


    Senator Jim Webb