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Audio of Romney’s “Gifts” Comments; Jindal Slams Romney


See the “flip” for Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) slamming Romney for these “insulting” and “completely unhelpful” remarks. You know things are bad when even a right wingnut like Jindal thinks Republicans are being “the dumb party” and that the 2012 Republican nominee for president is hurting the party. Me, I’m just popping up some more popcorn and enjoying the show! 🙂

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    Former Virginia Rep. Tom Davis was even more blunt: “It shows a huge misreading of the electoral landscape. A rather elitist misread. Where does he think his votes came from in rural America?”

    Also worth noting: The White House was quick to jump on Romney’s remarks. “That view of the American people of the electorate and of the election is at odds with the truth of what happened last week,” Carney said Thursday morning.

    Here’s the two-pronged problem for Republicans at the moment: 1) Romney has no motivation to toe the party line now, and refrain from making such comments, given that he will never again be a candidate, and 2) even if Romney quietly steps aside now, the party is left without any sort of elder statesman to help broker future policy and political fights.

    To the latter point: While Democrats have Bill Clinton as their triager-in-chief, using his gravitas to help extend and articulate the Democratic brand, George W. Bush seems perfectly content to spend the rest of his days outside of the public spotlight in Texas. And, while John McCain remains an active force in the Senate, he was never someone that Republicans truly saw as one of their own. Now, in Republicans’ best case scenario, Romney is headed to that same path of obscurity.

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    Like many who believe they are from a superior group of human beings, Mitt Romney is morally bankrupt. He abused a majority of Americans during the election and we thought we would be rid of him once the election was over. Instead, he is still abusing us.  Mitt Romney doesn’t realize that the divorce is final. It’s time to get a restraining order.