Bob McDonnell’s Weighing in on Israel-Gaza? Can We Say T-Bob for President 2016?


    You must be kidding.

    Gov. Bob McDonnell just released this statement on the Hamas attacks on Israel:

    “In recent days, the citizens of Israel have come under attack by Hamas. Rockets fired from Gaza into Israel have struck civilian centers, and terrorized the nation. And today a terrorist attack struck a city bus in Tel Aviv, the first such event in the city since 2006.  Israel has rightly responded to these attacks with appropriate force. Now, a cease fire has been called to these hostilities. America stands with Israel as it continues to move through this dangerous period. Hamas must cease all attacks on Israel, and it is my hope that the unwarranted and random violence the group has unleashed on our friends in Israel will now come to a permanent end.”

    Uhhhhh…why on earth would the governor of Virginia be weighing in on the Israeli-Gaza situation? Can we say T-Bob for President 2016? Oh please, make it so! 🙂

    P.S. Unless, of course, “Bobby”‘s best friend forever Pat Robertson got a communication from god on this subject that he shared with T-Bob? Heh.

    P.P.S. On a related note, there’s now a Draft Bob McDonnell for President 2016 Facebook page. It’s wildly popular, with 41 (woo-hoo!) “likes” so far. For comparison purposes, Christie 2016 has 751 “likes,” Hillary Clinton for President 2016 has 8,588 “likes,” Elizabeth Warren for President 2016 has 3,131 “likes,” and Big Bird for President 2016 has 416 “likes.” Will Big Bird be weighing in on the Gaza situation shortly? Stay tuned!