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Thanks from John Douglass; Now Let’s Put the “Hurt” on Hurt!


From the John Douglass for Congress campaign.


We knew this race wouldn't be easy, but thanks to your hard work — by donating, phone banking and canvassing — we have been able run one of the most competitive congressional campaigns in our country.

When I head to the polls today, I know who else I'm voting for — Barack Obama and Tim Kaine. More importantly, I know what I'm voting for. I'm voting to help every Virginian get a chance to learn and work, turn a job into a career, provide for a family and save for retirement. That's the dream we share, which keeps us working harder and harder for more security and more opportunity, so that we, as fellow Americans, continue leading the world.

So I have a feeling that today will be a great day for America and Virginia, as long as we get out every vote. Then we'll have time to celebrate and get some rest, before we continue our work to help Virginia families get a fair chance at a better future.

With deep gratitude and warm regards,


P.S. There's still time to chip in whatever you can to cover our ground game expenses. Thanks again for all you do.