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Video: Interviews With Romney Supporters Are Seriously…Disturbing


Wow. These are actual Romney supporters? I mean, they’re just (pick one or more adjectives): a) hateful; b) bigoted; c) nuts; d) clueless; e) brain dead; f) ignorant; g) rabid. It’s astounding, but there are tens of millions of people like this in our country. Sometimes I wonder how we ever make any progress at all. Ugh, I feel like I need a long, hot shower. More to the point, we can NOT let these people win; can you imagine what they’d do to this country? So do whatever you can possibly do in the next 4 days to elect Democrats across the board. Thanks.

P.S. Great job as always by New Left Media! How they can stand being in the presence of people like this and also keep their cool is beyond me….

  • normanva

    I think Bills Barbecues were only in the Richmond area but they were much beloved by many older folks who had happy memories from their glory days.  To blame the fall of the chain on President Obama is just crazy talk.  I don’t know why but the restaurant business has become really competitive in Richmond.  The fall of this chain is strictly based on its management which has done nothing to compete.


  • richmonder

    These ignorant and emotional comments by Romney supporters hint at the danger of democracy without well-informed citizens. More than 2,000 years ago, Plato warned of the devolution of democracy into mobocracy and anarchy and then back to autocracy. With nearly half the American electorate thinking like the people in these interviews, Plato’s theory of political evolution looks more credible. Whatever happened to dispassionate reason and seeking truth from facts?

  • Teddy Goodson

    all the way through. I have to say the last few seconds were priceless: Meatloaf (excellent monicker) emoting (that is, singing), while Romney is gritting his teeth and making like he’s a jolly good fella, showing how much he really, really enjoys being put through his paces in order to garner votes of the very 47 percent he denigrates in private (and whom Ann calls “you people,” which is even better). Don’t you know Romney must feel his corporate buddies will owe him plenty for putting him through this charade? Or, rather, that “you people” will have to grind out their last drop of treasure to Romney to make it all worth his while for compelling him to execute this excruciating campaign? Payback for the commoner is going to be hell under Romney. Poor fools.