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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines for Monday, November 26.

*Fiscal cliff looms as Congress, and lobbyists, return to work

*In ‘fiscal cliff’ talks, still a wide gulf on taxes

*McCain Backs Off Susan Rice Smear Campaign (Perhaps, but he smeared her in the first place, and continues to smear President Obama. John McCain: GET OFF MY LAWN!!! LOL)

*McDonnell loses ‘Chief of stuff,’ gains son-in-law

*Cuts, ‘cliff’ cloud state plans (“How would ‘fiscal cliff’ affect state budget?”)

*Understanding how Virginia spends money: A primer

*Macerich reaches tentative deal with Intelsat for Tysons HQ, sources say

*Cantor challenger poster child for campaign debt in Virginia

*Drives against gas taxes start running on empty

*Religious right candidate for Virginia Lt. Governorship cites ‘the 47 percent’ and calls President Obama ‘an evil presence’ (This E.W. Jackson dude is completely insane.)

*Editorial: Montgomery County’s growth challenge (“The county and its towns must prepare for some of the greatest population growth in Southwest Virginia.”)

*Editorial: Unshackling pregnant inmates

*Va. eyes rules for pregnant inmates

*Va. finds trading partner in Cuba

*Menhaden oversight getting serious

*Redskins training camp: Richmond council to vote on land

*Region could see snow on Tuesday