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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, November 25.

*GOP faces unexpected challenges in South amid shrinking white vote

*Lincoln, Liberty and Two Americas (“We are moving toward two Americas with two contrasting – and increasingly codified – concepts of liberty. Can such a nation long endure?”)

*ACC Football: Hokies squeak past Cavaliers, retain Commonwealth Cup

*House District #4 (Another in NLS’ continuing series on Virginia House of Delegates districts…)

*Virginia Republicans to let ‘personhood’ bill die this week

*McDonnell’s ‘chief of stuff’ stepping down but staying in family

*A post-election Q and A with Tim Kaine (“I’m kind of using (former Sen.) John Warner as my model as somebody who dug in, did it for a long time, accomplished a lot of good, and the fact that he was there for a while enabled him to attain positions that helped him do good things for the country and the commonwealth.”)

*Hopefuls line up for 2013 election

*McDonnell to headline two dinners for Bolling

*Editorial: Abolish the 21-day rule (“Gov. Bob McDonnell’s pardon freed an innocent man, but it will take months to clear his name.”)

*Political ads brought region’s TV stations $27 million (“The biggest winner in the Roanoke-Lynchburg market was WDBJ (Channel 7), which got $10.4 million.”)

*Grand space needs grand conversation

*Va. official pitches mandatory anti-smoking classes

*Educators in Hampton Roads fear layoffs, other “fiscal cliff” fallout

*Editorial: Precinct plan is a matter of arithmetic (“A plan to consolidate Roanoke’s voting precincts is facing unwarranted allegations of racism. The plan is about making it easier to vote.”)

*D.C. area forecast: Still on the cool side. Might we see some snowflakes fly midweek?