BREAKING: Tom Perriello Announces He Will Not Run for Virginia Governor in 2013


    I just received the following statement from Tom Perriello. I think Tom would have made a strong candidate for governor, and potentially a great governor. On the other hand, Tom’s brilliant, and I’m confident he’ll do great things in other ways. So, with that out of the way, it’s ON – Terry vs. Cooch, the death match! LOL. Seriously, though, go Terry!

    When the people of Virginia re-elected Barack Obama and sent Tim Kaine to the Senate last month, it revived my deepest hopes that our political process is not broken and our country and Commonwealth are moving forward. From Thomas Jefferson to Barbara Johns to today’s DREAMers, Virginians have marched a difficult but decisive path towards expanding freedom, fairness and dignity for all. I love Virginia, the state that gave my father a chance to move into the middle class after graduating from the University of Virginia, and am confident that we will not turn back.

    In this spirit, I have considered a run for Governor, and am genuinely touched by the outpouring of support. I do not feel called to serve in elected office at this time, but I do not need to have my name on the ballot to be part of the fight. Through my work as President of Center for American Progress Action and in my personal capacity, I will continue to fight back against those who attack women’s rights, threaten scientists, and pursue an ideological austerity agenda that undermines desperately needed investments in infrastructure, education, and technology that help grow the middle class.  

    No one has worked harder to prevent this extreme agenda from reaching the Governor’s mansion than Terry McAuliffe.  I hope that progressives and moderates can unite as Virginians choose between the worst of our past and the best of our future. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says what he believes, but those divisive beliefs are devastating to our Commonwealth. I will be supporting Terry and all of those who are willing to put their names on the ballot to keep Virginia moving forward.

    UPDATE: Terry McAuliffe says, “Throughout his life in public service, Tom Perriello has been a courageous and principled fighter for progressive values and one of our party’s best spokesmen on issues of economic fairness. Virginia is extremely lucky to have a leader of Tom’s character and conviction and I look forward to working with him on mainstream solutions for job creation and common sense fiscal responsibility.”

    UPDATE #2: House Democratic leader David Toscano said in an interview with yours truly earlier today, “Tom’s a good friend of mine, a tremendous public servant, and really has a lot to contribute long term in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It was good that he explored this option, I hope he continues to explore other options, because we need people like him in public office…I have no doubts that Terry McAuliffe can beat Ken Cuccinelli…Terry is a very energetic person with a background in business that I think suits the state very well – socially progressive, sets up a great contrast for us.”  

    • BatCave

      I’m so disapointed.  This race will be an unmitigated disaster for Dems with MacAuliffe at the top of the ticket.  Oh well………

    • Ingrid
    • ammasdarling

      A Corrupt Corporatist vs. a Tea Party Crazy. I am glad I do not live in Virginia.  If the general election choice is these two and I did live in Virginia, I would vote Green or write somebody in.  No argument about lesser of two evils would ever convince me otherwise.

      There needs to be a Democrat running who actually can stand up for the average person and it is not and will never be McAuliffe.

    • pontoon


    • Paba

      I’m a firm believer in the theory that it takes an unconventional politician to activate latent activism among those who sent the typical “party faithful” (ie: DPVAers who you can find at most party events). Obama was that guy in 2008. We saw it with Webb in 2006. I’m skeptical that Terry can be that guy, seeing as how his most visible public role has been as a very vocal party chair and flak for Hillary. I hope I’m wrong.

      I think a primary could have, at the least, pushed Terry to be more creative and cultivate broader support. Its up to us to be that force that Tomcould have been

      We can’t rest on Cooch’s “bad-ness.” we need someone that makes us want to stand up for him, not simply against Cooch.

      I’m optimistic about this.

    • kindler

      …you remind me of the Naderites who were so convinced in 2000 that Al Gore was no better than George W. Bush.  

      The result we got when Bush edged out Gore?  Crony capitalism leading to the Great Recession; ZERO progress on energy and climate; a repugnant “war of choice” in Iraq leading to 100,000 or more human beings being wiped off the face of the Earth; and more!  

      Cuccinelli is one of the most radical politicians in America today.  For any progressive to suggest the slightest equivalence with Terry is insane.

      That said, I would strongly invite and encourage Terry and his people to come to Blue Virginia — and many other grassroots forums — early and often to make the case for him as strongly as possible, as well as to listen to the concerns everyone is expressing here.  They should not allow these negative impressions to linger, unanswered.

      We need to work together to save this state from a looming disaster.    

    • kindler

      …of Virginia governors in recent history who’ve been markedly more progressive than Terry McAuliffe.