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Flashback to 2007: Jeannemarie Devolites Davis Calls Herself a “RINO”


From the Raising Kaine archives, 9/30/07. And now she’s baaaack (after losing badly to Chap Petersen in November 2007), somehow thinking a self-described “RINO” has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the 2013 Republican nomination for LG at a convention dominated by the ultra-right-wing, the same people who deep-sixed her husband politically for supposedly being a…yep, “RINO”? Can we say “delusional?”

Smell the desperation!  Obviously well aware that she’s in serious danger of losing her state senate seat to Chap Petersen in a Democratic district, Republican Jeannemarie Devolites Davis is now claiming not to be a Republican after all!.  Check this out:

On the campaign trail, Devolites Davis describes herself as an independent, a moderate who can best represent a centrist constituency. At a forum Thursday night before Equality Fairfax, a gay-rights organization, she called herself a “RINO” — Republican in Name Only — a derogatory term used by members of the GOP’s conservative wing.

As the Richmond Times-Dispatch article correctly notes, “RINO” is normally a “derogatory term,” yet JMDD has resorted to calling herself one in order to pander to the increasingly “blue” electorate of the 34th State Senate district.  But voters aren’t going to be fooled by the Davises blurring tactics.  People in the 34th district are well aware that if they want a real Democrat and not a “RINO,” they’ve got a superb option in Chap Petersen.  Why vote for someone who’s ashamed of who she is when you can vote for a proud Democrat?

By the way, Jeannemarie can run around calling herself a RINO all she wants, but the super-conservative Family Foundation of Virginia gives her a solid 64, higher than Republicans John Watkins and Fred Quayle, not to mention higher than any Democrat in the State Senate  Among other things, JMDD is praised by this right-wing group as having voted for the anti-gay marriage amendment.  I wonder what the Family Foundation thinks of JMDD calling herself a RINO.