Repeal the 2nd Amendment


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    The time is long past.  Dump it.  We got rid of slavery, gave women the vote and a host of other things that were fine at the end of the 1700’s but in our world today are not.

    Times and technology change.  We must change with them.

    The Revolution was fresh in America’s mind and I think the intent was to make sure if those evil Brits came again we would take less time to rearm.  Turns out now we have 2.9 million uniformed people in the military, and we could probably take the Brits easily.  

    Seems to me our obscene nuclear arsenal would trump any flint locks.

    You want to own a gun, any kind of gun – state your reason and register it.  Period.

    Should Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell sign legislation allowing guns in bars?

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