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Video: Harry Reid Rips Republican House for Skipping Town as “Cliff” Approaches


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid correctly calls out John Boehner and the rest of the Republican House “leadership” for its utter irresponsibility as the clock ticks down to yet ANOTHER fiscal “cliff” caused by…wait for it…yep, the Republican House “leadership” themselves. It’s beyond pathetic, but sadly it’s a continuing negative effect of the 2010 teahadist tsunami, one in which way too many Democrats stayed home, apparently believing that mid-term elections don’t matter. Well, they sure do, and in fact the 2010 disaster will continue to hurt us for many years to come. The next shot at booting these extremists out of office is 2014, and all I can say is, we’d better not screw it up (at least not if we care about the future of our country)!

P.S. In stark contrast to BONEr and Can’tor, President Obama is now back in Washington, after cutting short his vacation in Hawaii to deal with this situation. Sure, he could have stayed in Hawaii until Boehn-head returned from Ohio. But unlike Boehn-head, President Obama is a responsible leader.

  • and work on the “cliff?” Yes he did!

  • That’s right, per the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, if we want to get rid of the deficit – or at least cut it sharply – here’s how to do it.

    1. End ALL the Bush-era tax cuts. That alone gets rid of a huge chunk of the deficit. Of course, if we keep the Bush tax cuts for everyone making under $250,000 a year, it’s a totally different story, but if we’re serious about going back to the balanced budgets and surpluses we had under President Clinton, we need to start by going back to Clinton-era tax rates. Period.

    2. Government needs to do whatever it can to get the country’s economy moving. That means investment in human and physical capital, infrastructure, etc., plus of course assistance for Americans who are unemployed, underemployed, etc. With a rapidly growing economy, the remainder of the budget deficit basically goes away.

    2a. Of course, this is where it gets a bit complicated, as eliminating ALL the Bush tax cuts at one fell swoop would probably push the economy back into a recession, or at least slow it down. So, perhaps we could phase out the Bush tax cuts, this year for everyone over $250k, next year for everyone over $200k, the next year for everyone over $150k, etc?

    Regardless, the bottom line is that the deficit problem is clearly solvable, at least on paper, but politically it’s a TOTALLY different matter, given that we have a “Voodoo Economics” Teapublican Party that’s smoking some powerful supply side…er, stuff. With them mucking things up, while of course ranting and raving about the VERY PROBLEM THEY CAUSED (and now won’t allow to be fixed), it’s much, much harder than it has to be.