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Video: Jim Webb’s Farewell Speech to the U.S. Senate


And so, 7 years after it began with a “draft” movement and a grassroots campaign, Senator Jim Webb exits the Senate. Here’s his valedictory speech. Good luck to Jim Webb in his future endeavors; I’m certainly looking forward to some good books from his pen, computer, or whatever he prefers writing with. 🙂

  • dominic

    Look forward to seeing what he does next. Glad he took the time to recognize his staff – many times they are under appreciated.

  • Richmond, VA – Today it was announced that Senator-elect Timothy M. Kaine will serve on the Armed Services, Foreign Relations, and Budget committees during the 113th Congress. These important committees will enable him to work on the issues that matter to Virginians and the issues he spoke about throughout his campaign, including solutions to our nation’s fiscal challenges and workforce development.

    Senator-elect Kaine released the following statement regarding his committee assignments.

    “I am excited to tackle these meaningful committee assignments. Because of Virginia’s deep connections to the military, through active duty personnel, veterans, military families, and the private sector, Virginia needs a strong voice on the Armed Services committee as Congress makes decisions involving our military. As a member of the Foreign Relations committee, I hope to work with colleagues to build and maintain strong international relationships, enhancing our nation’s security and developing the global connections that lead to economic success. And as a governor who had to keep a budget balanced during the worst recession in seventy years, I believe my experience can be of value on the Budget committee as Congress wrestles with our fiscal challenges.”