Video: Reason #1 Why We All Should Be Glad John Kerry Will Be Our Next Secretary of State


    Yes, I realize that the White House sets policy, but to the extent that our next Secretary of State, John Kerry, can exert his influence to push for forceful action on global warming, that’s a great thing. The bottom line is this: global warming is by FAR the most important issue facing humanity, including the United States, right now. Despite disinformation to the contrary, we’re talking 10 degrees Fahrenheit warming, which would be utterly catastrophic, if we don’t start slashing greenhouse gas emissions ASAP. That’s why it should go without saying that we need people like John Kerry in positions of power to DO something about this dire situation right away. Plus, as an added bonus, Kerry’s strong on pretty much every other issue most of us care about. So, great choice by President Obama, even if took a meandering/winding path to come to fruition.

    P.S. Kerry’s also been a big proponent of clean energy, which hopefully means he’ll do what he can to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline from being built.