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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, December 27.

*Sam Donaldson to tea party: ‘It’s not your country anymore – it’s our country’ (“It’s the Tea Party and thinking of the Tea Party and people like that that are driving the Republicans out of contention as a national party”)

*Global notable deaths of 2012

*Philadelphia mayor: NRA’s armed school guards plan ‘a completely dumbass idea’

*D.C. Police Say David Gregory’s Use Of Gun Magazine Was Illegal, Per Report (Jail time for David Gregory? It certainly wouldn’t be a loss to journalism, that’s for sure.)

*Back in town for one last try at ‘fiscal cliff’ deal (Actually, John BONEr, Eric Can’tor et al are NOT back in town. Can they stay away and never come back, please?)

*U.S. to take ‘extraordinary’ measures to avert default (This is most definitely NOT the way to run a superpower, let alone a supposedly “exceptional” nation…)

*Deadline pressure for Congress

*Schatz appointed to fill Sen. Inouye’s seat (“Inouye Chief of Staff ‘disappointed’ late senator’s final wish was not honored”)

*Editorial: Punt on the fiscal cliff (“The grand bargain the nation needs probably will not be reached in the next few days.”)

*The “fiscal cliff”: what to expect if there’s no deal

*Ex-U.S. President George H.W. Bush in intensive care

*Republicans rejecting their own ideas (That’s because today’s Republican Party has turned into a crackpot John Birch Society or whatever. It is most certainly NOT the Republican Party of 10, 20, let alone 30 years ago…)

*Editorial: Helen Dragas should resign (“The UVa rector would avoid a messy fight in the legislature and allow the university to move forward.”)

*Judge bars retrial in Pr. William murder case (“The judge ordered the defendant’s release and said the state’s case was damaged beyond repair.”)

*House District #25

*Fairfax considers overhauling county pay system

*Top Arlington Stories of 2012 (#11-15)

*[Loudoun] School Board, Supervisors ponder $55.9 million budget gap

*ODU engineers helping to design future of solar power

*Griffin gets an invite to Pro Bowl, Williams, Alexander also make roster

*NHL lockout hits local businesses

  • Good stuff, thanks to Chap for pushing this!


    FAIRFAX, VA – Today, Senator Chap Petersen announced his plan for a constitutional amendment that would allow Virginians who have previously been convicted of a felony to receive their voting rights automatically upon the completion of their sentence.

    Currently, all persons who have been convicted of a felony are automatically denied the right to vote, and must petition the Governor for a restoration of rights.

    Sen. Petersen’s proposal (SJ 269) is the most direct of the rights restoration efforts, in that it simply removes the authority of the Governor to make a decision regarding a person’s right to vote, and will automatically restore a person’s right to vote after the completion of their sentence.

    Other rights restoration proposals include a delineation of crimes by the General Assembly, the Governor, or other qualifications that fall short of a fully automatic rights restoration process.

    “Once you have served the time of your sentence, you should be able to return to civil society.  There is no purpose served in prohibiting a free citizen from voting or otherwise enjoying his civil rights.” – Sen. Petersen, from his law office in Fairfax City, Virginia.

    The text of the constitutional amendment SJ 269 is available at: