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My Two Cents: Mickey Mouse House “Leadership” Lifts Debt Ceiling for Only Three Months


Boehner is truly eye-roll worthy. And not just at the inaugural lunch. Today the GOP passed a whopping three-month extension of the debt ceiling. (Don’t do us any favors.) Once again its “leaders” show what pathetic unprincipled sore losers they are. Once again they contrived another artificial deadline so they can use extortion one more time. What an embarrassment! Even a small drop in our rating has big consequences for the interest the US must pay on its debt.  They are potentially costing us all more and increasing the deficit when they play with our nation’s credit rating. And they won’t stop.  Despite the stock market’s reacting favorably today, it will likely be another roller-coaster ride as the Duo of Dumbness toy with America’s future.

The GOP and their corporate lords like to talk about uncertainty, the very uncertainty their antics create. They are the problem. They are one of the biggest reasons for fluctuation in the stock market this past year.  And then they blame the uncertainty on President Obama, and of course, Europe! It is getting old.  

It doesn’t get more Mickey Mouse than John Boehner. His and Can’t-or’s behavior demonstrates they do not know how to run a House of Congress.  They cannot behave like responsible citizens who know better than to play with the good faith and credit of the US. What unbelievably unpatriotic people they are to toy with the country’s financial credit rating this way.

One of these days (soon) more of the public will see Boehner, Can’t-or and the whole sorry lot for what they are. And it won’t matter how much they have gerrymandered the several states. The public will kick them the hell out on their backsides.

President Obama has cut 2.6 trillion in just over a year. He has actually begun to reduce the deficit, brought to us mostly by the GOP and its previous failed presidency. The Bushies fiddled while the economy imploded taking nearly a year to respond. But it isn’t enough for Boehner and Can’t-or and never will be.  

If the American people let them have an earful on their trips home and in their offices (via emails, website forms and phone calls) and if Americans use lobby days and town halls to make their voices heard, perhaps the Dynamic Duo of Duplicity and Dumbness  will get a grip. But don’t count on it. Toss em out. 2013 looms in Virginia and 2016 begins now.  

  • tjbv.1

    Boehner’s paranoia is so ill-placed. He really does think it’s the president who wants the G.O.P. vanquished.

    It’s the people who elected the president who want it gone. And replaced. It wasn’t all that long ago that Republicans like Javits, Mathias, Weiker, Baker and a good many others who aren’t at the tip of my forgetful tongue were main players in the G.O.P. They understood the wisdom of compromise and the necessity of a reasoned discourse in arriving at it. When Reagan made the fatal move to include Falwell, Roberts, Robertson, Bakker et al. in his base, all those G.O.P. members were lost in the crowd, retired and/or died.

    1980 was the year I lost faith in my country. It didn’t return until 2008. (Sorry Bill! But your second term did both of us in.) That’s a long time to be an expatriate in one’s own land.

    I’m glad I’m back, but those guys aren’t. I miss an opposition that was willing to work with whomever and whatever occupied the White House, and out of whose opposition one could find resulting the clarity of sound policy. I’m sorry that Obama never got the chance to work with Congress in the way he tried at first to do.  

  • KathyinBlacksburg