The Dirty Energy Industry Invests in Cuccinelli


    The fundraising reports for the governor’s race are out, and one pattern is crystal clear — Big Oil, Gas and Coal are betting a LOT of money on Cuccinelli. They clearly like his approach of launching legal assaults on climate scientists and relentlessly attacking EPA and just want to say “thank you” in the way that only big corporate contributions can.

    His early supporters include:

    – The Koch brothers, via their subsidiary, Intrust Wealth Management: $50,000

    Alpha Natural Resources, America’s third largest coal producer, which also includes the notorious former coal company Massey Energy, which collapsed after the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster revealed the many ways in which it had been blatantly violating environmental, safety and health laws: $10,000

    – Dominion PAC, the rightful owner of the Virginia government that they have bought and paid for so many times over: $10,000

    Consol Energy, another massive coal company and major player in the natural gas fracking indusry: $25,000

    All that plus $50,000 from The Presidential Coalition, part of Citizens United, the group that has done so much to ensure that big corporations like these are unlimited in their power to continue to buy the politicians, agencies and legislation that strike their fancy.    

    All the more reason for you and I to support the one barrier standing in the way of Governor Cuccinelli turning Virginia into one big coal/oil/gas/uranium field: that would be presumptive Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      Cuccinelli and His Links to the Koch Brothers (and Others)

      A Huffington Post article by Paul Blumenthal last evening showed further evidence that Virginia AG and gubernatorial wanna-be, Ken Cuccinelli, is financed by the Koch Brothers ($50,000 in the latest filing added to $10,000 in the first part of 2012). But the Koch’s aren’t even the half of it because other radical American deconstructionists are on the donor list as well. They want to rid  us of any semblance of progress and create a reactionary robber-baron corporate state. The list of characters discovered by Blumenthal reads like the acolytes of 10th rate novelist and misanthrope Ayn Rand on parade.

      More than 40% of his collections reported in his latest filing came from big donors of over $10,000 or more.  And most had goals in conflict with what most Virginians want.  Think: Citizens United because the same folks bringing us the perils of the Citizens United, “corporations are people” robber-baron clap-trap are behind Ken Cuccinelli. He received $50,000 from The Presidential Coalition, an arm of Citizens United.

      Regarding the Koch’s, Cuccinelli didn’t just receive $50,000 from an entity connected to the Koch Brothers. He’s also spoken at Koch Brothers-funded events.  Can you imagine any scenario in which “Kook-in-elli” has anything credible to say? But there he was telling tales of his exploits at trying to destroy “Obamacare,” defie the EPA, and run rough shod over science and scientists.

      According to Blumenthal:

      Other large contributions came from Alpha Natural Resources ($10,000), Paul Atkins ($10,000), Thomas Brock ($10,000), Conservative Victory Committee ($15,000), Consol Energy ($25,000), Walter Morgan Curt ($10,000), Dominion PAC ($10,000), Stewart Hall ($10,000), Hilton Worldwide ($15,000), James Leininger ($10,000), Service Distributing Inc. ($10,000) and Verizon Good Government Club of Virginia ($25,000).

      Good Government Club?  Good government has nothing to to with Cuccinelli’s grandstanding that conservatives should go to jail to keep women from using birth control or his trying to bring women back to the Nineteenth Century. Nor does it have anything to do with impeding scientists from research he doesn’t like and is inconvenient for his corporate buddies. Nor does good government have anything to do with making the air and water we depend upon dirtier and incompatible with future health and life. Good government has nothing to do with it.  And Cuccinelli wouldn’t know it when he sees it.