What’s happening to Tracy Thorne-Begland??


    REmember him?  He’s the guy who McDonnell nominated to the Richmond district Court last General Assembly session only to have him turned down because of his sexual orientation.  As I recall, Del. Sideshow Bob Marshall led the charge against him and the rest of the Republikans didn’t have the guts to stand up to sideshow Bob.

    After the General Assembly adjournce, he was appointed by the court but now he must be approved by the General Assembly.

    What’s going on with this?

    • being a judge:

      A House panel voted in favor of Thorne-Begland and 8 others seeking a seat on the bench. The process now heads to the full House of Delegates, where Thorne-Begland was rebuked of a potential judgeship last year.


      Thorne-Begland was questioned for 45 minutes today by the House Justice Committee before the unanimous vote in favor of the group of candidates.