Bob McDonnell Fails to Make “The Fix”‘s First 2016 GOP Presidential Top 10


    If you haven’t seen the classic film “On the Waterfront,” you definitely should. But Bob McDonnell might want to avoid it, as the classic line uttered by Marlon Brando – “I could’ve been a contender! I could’ve been somebody!” – might be a bit too painful for ol’ T-Bob to hear.

    Why do I say this? Because, simply stated, McDonnell wanted to be a national “contender” – salivating and practically groveling to be Willard’s VP pick; now desperately looking for a “legacy,” or at least SOME accomplishment as governor, which he can point to when he runs for president in 2016. But after “transvaginal ultrasounds;” the antics of Ken Kookinelli (whose lunacy has overshadowed McDonnell among Teapublicans); the failure to anoint his loyal Lieutenant Governor as his successor (thanks again to Kookinelli!); and McD’s utter lack of progress on transportation funding (offshore oil revenues? selling off ABC stores? ditching the gas tax and raising the sales tax? all dead or on life support), McDonnell is almost certainly not going to be a contender for president in 2016…or ever, for that matter.

    Today’s 2016 GOP presidential rankings by “The Fix” make this as clear as can be. Not that “The Fix” is the be-all/end-all in any way, but he IS very good at gathering the conventional wisdom and spewing it back at us. In this case, the conventional wisdom among Republicans is that Bob McDonnell doesn’t even make the Top 10 list for 2016 presidential contenders.

    In stark contrast, the other prominent Republican who was elected governor of his state the same year as McDonnell (that would be Chris Christie of New Jersey in 2009) ranks #2. That one’s really gotta hurt, as both McDonnell and Christie were touted as rising stars, yet only one of them (Christie) has actually risen, while the other one (McDonnell) has pretty much fizzled out (a “one-way ticket to Palookaville,” as Brando says?). Also interesting to see on this list are several Tea Party newcomers – bat**** crazy Rand Paul; gay bashing/climate science denying/Grover Norquist obeying Marco Rubio – in the Top 10, but no “Bobby” (as his BFF Pat Robertson calls him) McDonnell. Sigh.

    On the bright side, “The Fix” was wrong about pretty much everything in 2012 (Mitt-mentum!!! Ohio’s back to “tossup!” LOL), so most likely he’s wrong about 2016 as well. Still, when you believe you should have – could have, would have, etc. – been a contender, but now have just a few months left as governor of Virginia, with no particular path to future political office ahead of you, it’s gotta bring back those Brando “could’ve been a contender!” flashbacks. Ouch.

    • aznew

      whether this list is more revealing about the GOP or Cillizza.

      On that list, there are only 2 potential candidates that should concern Democrats — Thune and Pence.

      McDonnell should concern Democrats, as well.

      All three of those guys capture what has been the GOP’s winning formula for national candidates in the post-Nixon era, namely, extreme Conservatives able to credibly appear, due to a variety of factors, much more moderate than they are in order to attract swing voters.

      The Rube may fit that bill, also, but it remains to be seen if he is simply peaking too early.

      Bush and Kasich should concern us, as well, but they may have burned too many Conservative bridges to win over the wingers. To me, that’s where they differ with McDonnell.

      Paul, Jindall, Ryan, Christie? That makes me laugh. Democrats will not get so lucky.

         – Paul – At the end of the day, he is too BSC even for today’s GOP.

         – Jindall – He just called his party stupid. That wasn’t very smart.

         – Ryan – Well, he did such a great job on his first national campaign…

         – Christie – The more people see of him, the less they’ll like him. That thug persona of his isn’t fake – he really is a jerk. Sometimes, that’s what people need in a leader, like in the immediate wake of Sandy, and it comes across as endearing, but I don’t think America will want that full time.