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Del. Toscano: Albemarle County Supervisor Dumler Should Step Down


I am very happy to see this – good for Del. Toscano, doing the right thing instead of the political thing, in this case. If you haven’t been following this story, see here (1/31/13: “Albemarle County Supervisor Chris Dumler pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery in court Thursday morning.”) and here (2/28: “Woman Involved in Dumler Sex Case Speaks Out”), and here (“Chris Dumler, Resign” Facebook page). Also see here for audio of Albemarle citizens speaking at a 2/25 board meeting about the Dumler case.


During the General Assembly session in Richmond, I have been monitoring the debate about whether Supervisor Christopher Dumler should step down in light of his guilty plea.  I am increasingly concerned that Mr. Dumler’s continued service on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has become a distraction. I have met with him, and have discussed the circumstances of his case with a number of county leaders, and while I understand that it is his decision to make, it is my view that it is in his best interest and the best interest of the county for him to step down.   I know it is very hard for him to leave his post because he feels an obligation to many residents of Scottsville Magisterial District who elected him and who are concerned about losing a voice should he resign.   I, therefore, hope that, if he resigns, all efforts will be made to find a replacement who reflects the political views that Mr. Dumler has clearly articulated while on the Board.   The citizens of the Scottsville District and county residents deserve nothing less.

David J. Toscano

P.S. Also see Coy Barefoot’s radio show for discussion of this issue.

  • FreeDem

    Toscano is the last major Democrat in the Cville/Ablemarle area to call on Dumler to step down, other Democrats on the Albemarle Board have already made statements. He has been doing the political thing the entire time by refusing to call on Dumler to resign earlier. It’s an utter disgrace that it took Toscano so long to make such an easy call. Leaders are supposed to lead.

    Also, Toscano is only calling on him to resign because he has become a “distraction” to the board. Yeah, nice to know that as Congress is passing the Violence Against Women Act our dear Democratic Minority Leader in Virginia thinks sexual battery is a “distraction.”

  • – except for Scott Rigell – just voted against the Violence Against Women Act. That includes supposed “moderate” Frank Wolf. Lovely, huh?

  • OrangeDem

    I work in Albemarle County where Dumler is a member of the Board of Supervisors and Matt Fariss represents the southwestern half of the county in the House of Delegates.

    I personally think they are both scum but Fariss has a criminal record, including an EPO, which pales in comparison to Dumler’s one offense.

    But I have yet to hear any grandstanding Republican here call for Fariss’s resignation, nor do I recall them opposing his election.

    Why can’t we call them out for their hypocrisy?

  • In light of Scottsville District Supervisor Christopher Dumler’s recent plea of guilty to a charge of sexual battery, the Committee has decided to remove him from the Albemarle County Democratic Committee and call for his resignation from the Board of Supervisors.

    Mr. Dumler has accomplished much good work on behalf of the citizens of Scottsville District and of Albemarle County. However, the behavior for which Mr. Dumler has accepted responsibility does not reflect Democratic values and standards, nor the standard to which we hold our elected officials. We cannot support his continued service.

    Source: Albemarle Dems