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What Sen. Jill Vogel Didn’t Say


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by Anne Bacon as published in The Winchester Star Open Forum 1/29/13

Sen. Jill Vogel posted a legislative update recently, detailing many issues before her in the state Senate. But I was interested to see what she didn’t say. I find sometimes what people don’t tell you is as telling as what they do.

Mrs. Vogel made no report on the failed repeal of her legislation introduced last year that mandatespregnant women undergo a medically unnecessary and invasive transvaginal ultrasound.

Yes, Mrs. Vogel was the author of that bill. While her legislation was later amended to require the less-invasive transabdominal ultrasound, efforts to repeal the legislation altogether have already been defeated by the legislature this year. As it stands, thanks to Sen. Vogel, women in crisis will still be subjected to a medically unnecessary and expensive procedure for at least another year.

Virginia ranks 40th nationally for women serving in the legislature – the Center for American Women and Politics bases these rankings on women elected to office regardless of party. While women make up 50 percent of the population, only 17 percent of the legislature is women.

Instead of standing up for women, I was disappointed to find that Sen. Vogel stood lock-step with the men of the Republican caucus and did not sign on as a co-patron to SB789, a bill that would have required equal pay for equal work for women. In 2013, women make, on average, just 77 cents for each dollar that men earn. Had Sen. Vogel signed on as a co-patron to this bill, she would have signaled her recognition of this inequality that affects many two paycheck households in this region.

Mrs. Vogel didn’t mention that she voted to kill a number of measures aimed at easing long lines on Election Day; she voted to kill legislation that would have kept polls open just one hour later (SB964). She also voted against a more comprehensive bill to ease voter wait times and make it easier to vote (SB1062).

Regarding gun safety, she failed to mention she had already voted to kill a bill that would have kept better track of where guns are going in Virginia by creating a penalty for a nonlicensed gun dealer to sell a gun to another nonlicensed gun dealer (SB1136).

She also voted against banning the sale of high-capacity ammunition, or semi-automatic weapon magazines, like those used in the tragedy at Newtown last month (SB1148).

While Sen. Vogel reports on a host of issues she is still contemplating, she seems to have made up her mind that politicians – not doctors – should make decisions on women’s health-care needs, inequity of equal pay for women should be maintained, there should be no easing of the lines on Election Day enabling more women and the elderly to vote, and that there should be easy access to assault rifles that any soldier will tell you are weapons of war.

Let’s ask Sen. Vogel about these important issues affecting our lives that she chose not to mention. I am disappointed in what I heard, and didn’t hear. I will be paying closer attention to what she says and what she doesn’t say in the future – and I hope you will, too.

Anne Bacon is a physician residing in Winchester.

  • ir003436

    Remember the voter registration case back before the election . . . when the GOP staffer in Harrisonburg as caught destroying voter registration forms?

    As I recall, his organization’s VA headquarters shared an address in Winchester (?) with Jill Vogel’s office.

    Do I recall this correctly?

  • sbroy2013

    It certainly is something, when you get a surprise visit from a long lost friend. A sort of friend that should have showed up at your wedding, after you made certain that they got an invite. A kind of friend, that when you have a close relative pass away, one would expect to have them come pay their respects.

    Well… Anne Bacon and The Farm Team certainly know how to make an entrance! You see… I happened to be the Democratic nominee for 27th District of Virginia State Senate seat last year!

    Surprise! Surprise!

    You see… Unfortunately when your party needed you, or at least it’s nominee, when he was calling out Senator Vogel for her stances and voting record on many of these issues, there seemed to be one problem.

    What Anne Bacon and her friends from The Farm Team DIDN’T SAY.

    They didn’t say “good luck” or “we endorse”… or even pick up the phone and utter the words, “How can we help?”

    It’s like the whole election never happened in your reality world. The fact is that an election did happen, when you had the chance to stand up beside the Democratic nominee and call Senator Vogel out for her stances on these issues. Then maybe, just maybe at least pretend their was an election about to occur and say a few kind words about the man who has already been done this road and back.

    You see… The bigger issue here is “What Anne Bacon and The Farm Team didn’t say and/or do?”

    The answer is absolutely nothing. You could have made a difference, but you chose not to worry about it.

    Senator Jill Vogel has had quite a bit to say actually, over  the past 18-24 months. There were some of us who did disagree with her stances and actions very publicly. Then there were some folks… well… What they didn’t say or do in regards to Senator Vogel’s actions.

    I actually must tell you, that as much as I do disagree with Senator Vogel, I hold her in a much higher regard than those of you who sat and did absolutely nothing! She is actually working hard, by the way she happened to have another baby a the beginning of last session. It was appropriate for Senator Vogel to do necessary new mommy activities and focus on here family for a bit. It seemed like Senator Vogel however didn’t miss a beat. She did propose a bill or two that got a whole lot of national attention that she has obviously learned from, but again you did nothing.

    This session, you left out a few important pieces of things that Senator Jill Vogel DID say.

    There are a number of pieces of important legislation that Senator Vogel does deserve some recognition for and I applaud her efforts to become more of a “centrist” in the Senate.

    She voted to support a controversial senate redistricting bill, that was widely criticized by the Democrats. I actually took the opportunity to stand with Senator Vogel in supporting legislation that was in the best interests of the communities within the 27th District. The legislation had a wide range of critics, but I was not one of them The new 27th would simply make much more sense for the people residing within it’s borders.

    Did you know that Senator Vogel was the only Republican vote this past Tuesday AGAINST tightening voting laws so that a photo ID would be required? This was the same Jill Vogel who consistently voted to make ID laws stricter last session. It was nice to see a politician publicly change their mind on something, without being labeled a flip-flopper!

    It was also our Senator Vogel who joined just four GOP Senators in backing a bill that would prohibit the state government from discriminating against employees because of their sexual orientation. The bill only made it out of committee to begin with due to Vogel joining seven Democrats to advance the measure 8-7.

    I certainly don’t want to go without leaving out the fact that Vogel bravely remained in the chamber the other day, while 12 other conservatives walked out of the chamber when the appointment of a gay prosecutor to become a general district judge in Richmond came up for a vote. She joined 27 other senators remaining in the chamber and voted for the appointment, which passed 28-0.

    Let’s not forget that it was our very own Senator Vogel who came out alone, breaking ranks with her party in not putting her support behind a Republican effort to change the way presidential electoral votes are apportioned. You can put the thank you note in the mail, because Vogel’s opposition sank the measure by siding with the Democrats. The senate being split 20-20, the bill had to have every single GOP vote to survive. Instead… The bill was dead.

    I think we have a situation here, where not only have you snubbed her Democratic opponent just last year, but you have highlighted some legislation that I don’t necessarily agree with either to tell you the truth. That tends to be the case when you allow the other party’s candidate waltz into office, while doing a very effective job of snubbing her Democratic opponent.

    This is far, far more about what Anne Bacon and The Farm Team haven’t said… haven’t done… and certainly seem to haven’t a clue about the entirety of Senator Vogel’s record this session.

    That’s the price you pay when you publicly snub the Democratic nominee in the very last election. Where have you been the past 18-14 months? I can tell you that Senator Vogel has been doing her job and has had no problem saying anything about her record this session when properly questioned.

    When did you pose the questions? What instance exactly are you referring to in regards to, “What Sen. Jill Vogel Didn’t Say?”

    She may haven’t been doing a whole lot of talking, but she certainly has been doing the walking. We are fortunate to have Sen. Jill Vogel to credit for breaking from her party in regards to a number of very important pieces of legislation. You can speculate all you want as to why she has taken such a course this session, as for me…

    I have developed a lot more respect for Senator Vogel, which I never really anticipated. I have been one of her most public voices of opposition over the past year or two. Where have you been all this time? Hmmm…

    The real question here has gone ignored.

    What was it now that Anne Bacon and The Farm Team didn’t say?

    I think that Senator Vogel has made her point, loud and perfectly clear.

    Thank You!

    Shaun Broy