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Video: Guy Who’s Given $723k to Virginia GOP Compares Public Schools to Soviet “Gulags”


Yep, it’s “Bobby” McDonnell’s “good friend” Pat Robertson, a huge donor to Virginia Republicans, at it once again. This time, he’s ranting about the public schools, claiming that liberals use them like the Soviets used “gulags” to “indoctrinate” children into their world view. Note that Virginia Republicans never denounce or distance themselves in any way from Robertson’s insane views, or from his money. From that, we should all conclude that they either agree with him, or don’t disagree with him sufficiently enough to tell him where to shove it. Note, for instance, that Republicans and right-wing groups like ALEC have been hostile to public education for years, wanting to defund it, bash teachers, and privatize as much of it as possible. So, the language they use may be different than Robertson’s, but do they disagree with Robertson’s premise that public schools are used for “liberals” to “indoctrinate” children (yeah, into things like “science,” “history,” “empirical/rational thinking,” crazy stuff like that).

P.S. By the way, the Soviet Gulag resulted in “1.6 million deaths during the whole period from 1929 to 1953,” with “[s]ome estimates for total number deaths in the Gulag go beyond 10 million.” Yep, exactly like the public school system here in America!

  • NotJohnSMosby

    A religious charlatan saying that some group is “indoctrinating” people – whether that group actually is or isn’t?  Double wow, the irony and hypocrisy is astounding.  Hey Pat, when you’re feeding the unwashed fairy tales of paradise to be found AFTER DEATH if only they do what you say and send you money WHILE ALIVE is the ultimate form of brainwashing/indoctrination.

    Who was the character in Popeye who was always asking people to buy him a hamburger today and he would pay them back on Tuesday?  That’s Pat’s theology right there.