Video: Ken Cuccinelli Summarized in 47 Seconds


    Ken Cuccinelli is: “pro life, anti gay, and a climate change denier…[he’s] equated Medicare to mugging the sick and elderly…he has sued the EPA, he has suggested that gays are not protected by the 14th amendment, and he has said your Social Security number is being used to track you.” What a guy, huh?

    • From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

      Richmond, VA – Since its release, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has devoted a lot of his time to promoting his new radical book, The Last Line of Defense, doing signings and media interviews around the country. Those activities may help increase his standing with the national tea party audience he so covets, but they also take away from the job he was hired by Virginia taxpayers to do.

      Since the release of the book, Cuccinelli has spent at least 7 hours on book signings and media appearances that he did not spend doing his job. That tally does not include travel time to and from each event he attended or the staff, security and other public resources that may have gone into making it possible for the Attorney General to promote his Tea Party manifesto and his campaign for Governor.

      With all of that time and resources going into helping Ken Cuccinelli advance his own personal and political agenda, Virginia taxpayers are right to wonder: How much is this costing us?

      “Virginia taxpayers pay Ken Cuccinelli to be a full-time Attorney General,” said DPVA Communications Director Brian Coy. “If Ken Cuccinelli is going to insist on being a part-time Attorney General while he chases the national Tea Party limelight, he should give Virginians a full accounting of how he reimburses them for the salary and other expenses that he racks up while he is jetting around promoting his own extreme book.”

      Between February 11, 2013 and March 1, 2013, Cuccinelli has spent, at a minimum, 400 minutes doing media interviews and personal appearances to promote either his new book or his campaign for Governor. That does not include the cost of any government staff, vehicles, or other resources that may have been used to arrange or support his publicity tour.