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Video: “Bobby” McDonnell’s BFF Pat Robertson Says Gay Rights Activists Out to Destroy Family, God


Don’t forget, this frothing-at-the-mouth bigot, Pat Robertson, has donated $715,500 over the years to Virginia Republicans, including around $100,000 to the guy he calls his “dear friend” “Bobby” – our fine governor, currently enmeshed in the “hear comes the BRIBE” scandal. What a combo, huh?

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    When will this senile, old bigot stop hijacking my Christian faith to justify his neanderthal views on women, gays, minorities, etc.? I, for one, am so tired of channel grazing on my television and seeing his face, however fleetingly. This fraud made his millions by building a television empire from the donations of others duped into believing he actually preached religion, then selling it and keeping all the profits. After that, he got into dubious ventures in Africa, mainly with Charles Taylor of Liberia. Taylor gave Robertson rights to diamond mines, and Robertson used planes from his “Operation Blessing” “charity” to fly mining equipment to his mines, while telling viewers of his TV show the planes were flying food to victims of the famine in Rwanda. Even after Taylor was indicted and tried in the Hague for war crimes, Robertson defended his friend and buddy in criminal greed.  

    Like Jerry Falwell, he started a university to pass out degrees to like-minded people, including Mr. Bob “Star Scientific” McDonnell. What a charlatan! Elmer Gantry had nothing on Pat Robertson, son of another Virginia bigot, A. Willis Robertson.

    Further, He “talks” to God on a regular basis. Hahahaha