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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, April 26. Also, check out the video of Rachel Maddow making an analogy between the idiotic “poop cruise” “story” and the Bush library (both are assuming that “Americans have short memories”).

*Obama faces difficult decision on Syria action

*Senate votes to end furloughs of controllers, House could act today

*House conservatives to pursue their own agenda on immigration laws (Yep, the teahadists are determined to f*** up yet another thing. In 2014, we really need to toss every last one of these people out of the House!)

*Bush’s record looks worse and worse

*It’ll take more than a presidential library to make George W Bush popular

*Yes, George W. Bush Was a Terrible President, and No, He Wasn’t Smart

*McDonnell deflects mansion questions (Not acceptable, McDonnell needs to answer questions on this. Also, I’d point out that if this were happening to a Democratic governor, Republicans would be going NUTS!)

*Potholes  and primaries (“Speaker Howell is having to play defense against his own team.”)

*McAuliffe proposes gift limits for public officials (Excellent move. I’d go beyond this and call for major campaign finance and ethics reform in Virginia. Right now, it’s an abysmal situation, where Virginia Uranium can fly legislators to France for a sightseeing trip, etc.)

*Cuccinelli to air first TV ad of governor’s race (“The 30-second commercial features Teiro Cuccinelli, wife of the presumptive Republican nominee, talking about his work with the homeless and the mentally ill and about his efforts to combat sexual predators.”)

*Rigell renews push to allow drilling off Va. coast

*McAuliffe should unveil tax records

*Warner to chair Senate Commerce subcommittee on export promotion, innovation

*Mudslinging mars GOP primary for state House seat

*Democrats field candidates for Va. Beach House seats (“Four Democrats have lined up to run for Virginia Beach seats in the House of Delegates now held by Republicans, emboldened by the fact that incumbents in three of those districts aren’t seeking re-election.”

*A breath of fresh air for Fairfax Co. schools

*Arlington streetcars do pass the cost-benefit test

*Metro approves budget with no fare hikes for riders

*Virginia fails to collect $170 million in court fines and fees

P.S. This is really a bummer: “Loudoun Insider,” who was doing the job the paid media is SUPPOSED to be doing, says “Farewell Folks”. I can’t say I disagree with this either: “If only say one percent of the population really took an interest and got involved we could really have some positive change, but nah, everyone is too busy with themselves here (and I guess just about everywhere else) to care about politics.” Sigh…

  • Yes, he’s an extremist in his political views. Yes, he denies climate science and persecutes an esteemed climate scientist (the great Michael Mann) because he doesn’t “believe” Mann’s findings. Yes, he’s a homophobe. Yes, he’s a theocrat. Yes, he’s an anti-women’s-right-to-choose extremist. Yes, he’s a conspiracy theorist who dabbles in birtherism and thinks the government’s using Social Security numbers to “track us.” In short, yes, he’s completely bonkers. (Also – yes, increasing evidence indicates he might be corrupt as well.) So why does this ad worry me? Because, I fear that for the vast majority of Virginians who don’t pay close attention to politics, the impression of Cuccinelli from this ad – and future ads, I’m sure – will be that he’s a good guy, well meaning, and even “likable.” Combine that with Cuccinelli’s passionate support base and his strong retail political skills, and it gives me the willies about this election. The question is, are rank-and-file Democrats, plus Virginian independent voters, “on” to this guy? WILL they be “on” to this guy by November?  If so, then it’s hard to see how he wins. If not, then it’s hard to see how he doesn’t. And so, I’m very nervous, because if Cuccinelli’s elected governor, with no serious checks/balances against him (e.g., in the House of Delegates or State Senate), it will be an unmitigated disaster for our state.

  • McAuliffe Receives Endorsement for Governor from Former Virginia Health Commissioner, Karen Remley

    Karen Remley, former Health Commissioner to Virginia Governors Tim Kaine (D) and Bob McDonnell (R) announced her support for Terry McAuliffe for governor on today.

    “Ken Cuccinelli has put his own personal agenda ahead of the interests of the Commonwealth and overstepped his role as Attorney General. Virginia needs a governor who will take a mainstream approach to tackling the issues Virginians care about,” said Remley. “Terry will be a governor who lets medical professionals and Virginia’s men and women make their own health care decisions, and will focus on what we need, like creating jobs here in the Commonwealth, improving our infrastructure, and keeping Virginia’s families healthy and safe.  Terry understands the importance of supporting Medicaid expansion.”

    Remley was appointed Virginia Health Commissioner in 2008 by Democratic Governor Tim Kaine, and stayed on to serve Republican Governor Bob McDonnell. After strict abortion clinic building code regulations were forced through the Virginia Board of Health by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Remley resigned from her post in October 2012. In a letter to colleagues announcing her resignation, Remley commented that Cuccinelli’s actions, “created an environment in which my ability to fulfill my duties is compromised and in good faith can no longer serve in my role.”

    “I am honored to have Karen’s support for Governor,” stated McAuliffe. “Like Karen, I will work with both sides of the aisle to ensure that Virginia remains a state where companies can start and grow, and that our workforce is equipped for the jobs of the future.”

    Remley’s endorsement comes on the heels of the recent closure of a Norfolk women’s health clinic-the first of the state’s 20 clinic’s that have begun to feel the effects of Cuccinelli’s regulations.

    According to the Virginian-Pilot, “Already, the effects of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s long campaign to limit women’s reproductive rights have hit home in Norfolk.  Hillcrest Clinic, the first South Hampton Roads medical facility opened to provide legal abortions, will close today after four decades in business. The clinic’s director said falling demand for the procedure, along with Virginia’s new licensing standards – which require hospital-like settings for facilities where at least five first-trimester abortions are performed each month – forced Hillcrest’s doors to close.”  Coby Dillard, vice chairman of the Norfolk Republican Party and co-founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party told the Virginian-Pilot that while a “conservative tenet is the desire to reduce the reach of government into our private lives,” Cuccinelli’s actions are a “rush to use the power of government to stop a woman from exercising control over her own body.”