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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, April 30. Obviously, the top story BY FAR is FBI looking into relationship between McDonnells, donor by the Washington Post’s Rosalind S. Helderman and Jerry Markon. I hope all the organizations giving out journalistic awards are paying attention to Helderman’s work on this unfolding, multi-pronged corruption scandal, because she’s doing a superb job digging into it (and possibly bringing down both Bob McDonnell (Virginia’s Rod Blagojevich, apparently) and Ken Cuccinelli in the process). THAT is what journalism’s supposed to be all about!

*The story behind Jason Collins’ story: The interview (Courageous; let’s hope this will lead to a lot more honesty and openness in sports!)

*More backlash against Senators on gun vote (Good!)

*Ex-chef alleged wrongdoing by McDonnells to FBI

*Va. governor’s former chef alleges conflict of interest in seeking dismissal of charges (“A former chef at the Virginia governor’s mansion asked a judge Monday to dismiss embezzlement charges against him, arguing that state Attorney General Ken T. Cuccinelli II has a series of conflicts of interest that have tainted the proceedings.”)

*Chef wants indictment tossed, cites Cuccinelli conflict, McDonnell ‘wrongdoing’

*Va. Dems, liberal PAC target Cuccinelli over gift disclosure (“Ken Cuccinelli’s foes are hammering the Republican gubernatorial candidate over his delayed disclosure of nearly $13,000 in personal gifts spanning four years but only revealed late last week.”)

*Tea Party, conservative PAC pick Obenshain, Stewart (The LAST thing this state needs is more Tea Party extremists in its government. These endorsements really say it all about what’s at stake this year in Virginia!)

*The forgotten summer vacation (“Attorney general and Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli is stretching the limits of credulity with his latest explanation for amending his annual economic disclosure reports.”)

*Hair shirts and good intentions (“Cuccinelli says he forgot to disclose big-ticket gifts but promises amnesia won’t cancel proposed ethics reforms.”)

*Herring wants to take ideology out of AG’s office (Which is why we need to put Mark Herring INTO the AG’s office!)

*Soft-spoken Virginian holds sway on immigration

*Supreme Court rules Va.’s FOIA law doesn’t extend to nonresidents

*Democrats say Cuccinelli took advantage of Virginia’s lax ethics laws (Cuccinelli’s and McDonnell’s scandals demonstrate why we need MORE sunshine on our elected officials’ behavior, not LESS sunshine!)

*Democrats say Cuccinelli took advantage of Virginia’s lax ethics laws

*Bolling defends McAuliffe over GreenTech’s Mississippi move

*Forum  for foolishness (“Most candidates to succeed Putney have no clue what the job entails.”)

*Sniping persists in contentious Va. Beach House race

*Third Republican enters Va. Senate special election

*Republican lawmakers line up against Bob McDonnell’s ‘outer Beltway’

*Nationals still can’t solve Braves

  • The following fact sheet for the press is from the McAuliffe for Governor campaign:

    Yesterday, Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling joined a growing chorus of bipartisan criticism of Ken Cuccinelli’s attacks on Terry McAuliffe’s business record. Bolling said: “”I certainly couldn’t criticize Mr. McAuliffe and GreenTech about taking the project to Mississippi.”

    Bolling’s comments come after the Washington Post editorial board called Cuccinelli’s attacks on McAuliffe’s business record “absurd” and “ridiculous.”

    It also comes after the conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial board said Cuccinelli’s attack on tax returns “has about as much relevance to issues such as education and transportation as the size of a candidate’s hat” and “deflects attention from the Star Scientific flap.”

    Even Republican pollster David Winston said Cuccinelli’s attacks on McAuliffe’s business record ‘won’t have a big impact on the race.’

    While Cuccinelli has avoided public events, McAuliffe has conducted over 40 public, open-press events since January .

    Here are some of examples of the bipartisan backlash against Cuccinelli’s negative campaign:

    Bolling defends McAuliffe over GreenTech’s Mississippi move. “I certainly couldn’t criticize Mr. McAuliffe and GreenTech about taking the project to Mississippi,” Virginia second-ranking Republican said in an interview Monday. “The truth is Mississippi offered them a very attractive incentive package . . . . Virginia would have been unlikely to match.” [Virginian-Pilot, 4/29/13]

    Republican Pollster David Winston ‘said broadsides against McAuliffe over his taxes or his business record won’t have a big impact on the race.’ “David Winston, a Republican pollster, said broadsides against McAuliffe over his taxes or his business record won’t have a big impact on the race. ‘It’s how you translate it [into] what McAuliffe would do if he were elected,’ Winston said. “Here are these interesting points. Now why does this matter in terms of policies?”” [Washington Post, 4/17/13]

    Conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial board: Star Scandal undermines GOP arguments. “The GOP no doubt will try to portray McAuliffe as a man who can be seduced to stray from the purest path by the siren song of money. That could become harder to do if voters decide the attorney general suffers from the same affliction.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/12/13]

    Washington Post Editorial Board: Cuccinelli Comparison of GreenTech to Solyndra “Ridiculous.” “It’s equally ridiculous to compare GreenTech to Solyndra, the federally subsidized solar-cell maker that went bust, triggering a torrent of criticism from Republicans. Solyndra received $535 million in loan guarantees from the Energy Department. With the exception of a $3 million loan and land for the plant in Mississippi, GreenTech is relying on private capital, much of it from Chinese investors (including visa-seekers).” [Washington Post, 4/15/13]

    Washington Post Editorial Board: Cuccinelli Attacks on Location of GreenTech Plant “Absurd.” “Republicans first attacked Mr. McAuliffe for doing business outside Virginia. Horrors! That dovetailed with their portrayal of him as a carpetbagger – even though he’s lived in Virginia for more than 20 years – but otherwise was absurd.” [Washington Post, 4/15/13]

    Times-Dispatch’s Schapiro: Cuccinelli Tax Returns “Post-Star damage control?” “#rva #vagov @KenCuccinelli to release income-tax return. Post-Star damage control? Challenge to #va guv rival @Terry_McAuliffe?” [Schapiro Twitter, 4/17/13]

    Washington Post: Cuccinelli Tax Stunt “Draws Attention to the Republican’s personal finances” as he faces scrutiny over Star. “While designed to put McAuliffe on the defensive, Cuccinelli’s strategy also carries some risk, because it draws attention to the Republican’s personal finances just as he and Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) face scrutiny over their relationships with Star Scientific and the dietary supplement company’s chief executive, Jonnie R. Williams Sr.” [Washington Post, 4/17/13]

    Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial: Cuccinelli Tax Return Stunt Not Relevant to Issues, Deflects from Star Scandal. “Cuccinelli has released eight years of tax returns and dared his opponent, Terry McAuliffe, to do the same. The move serves two purposes: It deflects attention from the Star Scientific flap, and it flips the traditional partisan script… This is all mildly entertaining, though it has about as much relevance to issues such as education and transportation as the size of a candidate’s hat. No matter. Last week Republicans tried to make political hay out of McAuliffe’s decision to skip the Shad Planking, an event about which few voters know and even fewer care.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/22/13]

    Richmond Times-Dispatch: Cuccinelli “Recently Stung by Revelations That He Neglected to Disclose,” Now Making “Gesture” on Transparency. “the Republican candidate for governor recently stung by revelations that he neglected to disclose his ownership of more than $10,000 in Star Scientific stock – is making a gesture toward transparency by releasing eight years of tax returns for inspection by reporters.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/17/13]

    Washington Post: “Cuccinelli has had his own problems with disclosure.” “Cuccinelli has had his own problems with disclosure. The attorney general failed to disclose for nearly a year that he owned substantial stock in Star Scientific, even as his office was defending Virginia in a tax lawsuit filed by the company. Cuccinelli’s campaign has said he was unaware that his stock holdings had exceeded $10,000, the threshold triggering the disclosure requirement.” [Washington Post, 4/17/13]

    Conservative American Spectator: Cuccinelli’s “Petty” Campaign is “Demeaning.” “It’s one thing to play on the left’s level in a political kill-or-be-killed situation, but I think Cuccinelli is demeaning himself and can do better. Why does it matter if McAuliffe made loads of money from GreenTech? It proves he’s a savvy businessman, something everyone would want in a leader. ” [American Spectator,4/22/13]

    Conservative Blogger on Cuccinelli Tax Stunt: “I don’t have to like it.” “But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. The only saving grace is that we’ve not yet reached that lowest of depths, demanding the release of a gubernatorial candidate’s medical records.” [Norm Leahy on Washington Post, 4/17/13]