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Video: Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Rips EW Jackson, Tea Party “Takeover” of VA GOP


Thanks to Ben Tribbett for doing this interview!

What you’ve just seen…is the complete and unadulterated of the most extreme elements of the Tea Party, storming this convention and attempting to basically take over the Republican Party of Virginia at the expense of the Republicans’ opportunity to win elections…EW Jackson represents rhetorically the most far-right-wing, extreme elements of the Tea Party you can possibly imagine

Now, he ran for U.S. Senate in 2012, he made the same exact speech…he got 4% of the vote in the Republican primary. This is not an electable candidate statewide. If EW Jackson gets on this ticket, in Northern Virginia he’s going to get 25% on a good day. This ticket will get annihilated...based on his personality..how strident he is, do you think that the Cuccinelli for Governor campaign is going to be able to have a team meeting with this guy, and tell him what their story for the week is…or how they want to position themselves on a particular issue. He’ll laugh at them…

[EW Jackson’s rhetoric] might be exciting for the far-right extreme elements of the GOP, they’ll go out of this convention and toast each other and have a beer, then they’ll go in the polls and get obliterated…This guy is not electable…He doesn’t even know what the job [of Lt. Governor] is and he doesn’t care.

And that’s a conservative Republican speaking, not the Democrats…

  • Pat Austin

    His assessment couldn’t be more spot on about Jackson. He has no chance against either Chopra or Northam, unless the enthusiasm gap is so great and Dem turnout is historically low. But otherwise, I feel good about our chances.  

  • blue bronc

    With the Cooch and Jackson running, they can at least sit down together and be talking each others language.  All the BS of the Cooch going to the “middle” is hilarious. He knows nothing of the “middle”.  But, the far right, that he knows and Jackson is his best soul mate to talk with during those long bus rides.