Video: Mark Herring on “Politics Nation” Discusses Growing McDonnell/Cuccinelli Scandal


    State Senator Mark Herring comes in at around 5:40 of the video. Here’s an excerpt:

    …So, part of the issue is that the facts that the Governor was giving were not very forthcoming, and that the Attorney General who might have otherwise been a position to investigate couldn’t do it because he’s knee-deep in this too. [Attorney General Cuccinelli] didn’t disclose his ownership interest in this company when he should have. So he had to recuse himself from the tax case that he had been handling with the same company for a year or two. And he had an ownership interest in the company that was itself undisclosed. And now, just recently, we learned that the Attorney General had accepted lavish gifts as well – vacations at a lake house – and didn’t disclose it, and we just now learn about it, so that’s why this investigation has to be done.

    Man, what a mess. Which is exactly why we need to put someone with the integrity, seriousness, knowledge, and courage or Mark Herring in the Attorney General’s office to clean it up, starting in January 2014.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Perhaps a lawyer out there can answer a question I have about the “Star-Gate” scandal: If the Code of Virginia requires gifts a more than $50 to be disclosed by those holding political office, how is Ken Cuccinelli not in violation of state law by “forgetting” to disclose a vacation at Smith Mountain Lake (courtesy of Star Scientific) and several free flights provided to him, including one charter flight worth more than $7,000? After all, he is the top legal officer of the state and has a whole office full of lawyers working for him.

      You know, people make fun of the corruption in government in Illinois. The difference between Illinois and Virginia is that Illinois sends the politicians caught for bribery to prison. In Virginia, we evidently simply say, “The gentleman just forgot what the bribe was. No bad”

    • FWfromNOVA

      If Cooch and McD were working in the private sector, they would have been fired . I am a low level employee of a multinational corporation , and I have to take a reonsibilty and ethic course every year.  Taking tens of thousands of dollars in quid pro quo, bribes, and insider trading is grounds for immediate termination with my company , not to mention illegal. What are the grounds for impeachment in VA? It sounds like an open and shut case to me.

    • From the Herring for AG campaign:

      In case you missed it, Senator Mark Herring was on MSNBC’s Politics Nation last night discussing the Federal probe into Governor Bob McDonnell’s relationship with the company Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams.

      You can watch the segment of the show here: “Virginia Governor faces FBI probe”

      Herring was the first to call for a Federal investigation into this relationship back on April 11. In his call for an investigation, Herring said, “the gifts and the cozy relationship between these individuals and this company have raised concerns in Virginians’ minds about what these gifts resulted in. In order to restore the public trust, I am calling for an outside and independent investigation to determine if any legal or ethical lines have been crossed, or if public policy has been influenced in any way.”

      Newspapers around the state reacted to Herring’s call then, and news outlets reported yesterday that the FBI had begun an investigation.

      Yesterday Herring released another statement, saying:

      “Governor McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli have crossed a line. They have used their offices and their power to receive extravagent gifts from a company with business with the state. They have used their office for their own personal benefit. That is wrong.

      “With an impartial investigation, the facts will determine if any laws were broken. But we know that the public trust was broken when Governor McDonnell decided it was appropriate to accept such massive gifts from a businessman with issues before the state. The Governor can still avoid much expense and grief by coming forward now and giving a full and complete accounting of his, his families and his administrations activities with Mr. Williams and Star Scientific.”

      In his appearance on Politics Nation, Herring summarized the situation saying, “it’s all very curious and that’s one of the reasons why we need to have this investigation, to get to the facts.”

      Kevin O’Holleran

      Herring For Attorney General