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Virginia Sierra Club Statement in response to Warner-Kaine support for offshore drilling


The following statement, by the Virginia Sierra Club, basically sums up my views on this one (see video of Senators Warner and Kaine talking about their legislation to to “Expand Offshore Energy Leases”). Given the grave environmental problems posed by fossil fuels (first and foremost being climate change), as well as the rapidly declining costs of solar and wind, as well as the fact that we’d get (by far) more “bang for the buck” from energy efficiency, combined with the risks posed by offshore oil and gas development, I’m not even sure why we’re talking about offshore oil drilling (or an “all of the above” strategy). It’s simply the wrong approach, the wrong way of thinking, the wrong way to go, the wrong…everything, basically. Ugh.

Statement of Sierra Club-Virginia Chapter Director Glen Besa on announcement of Warner-Kaine support for offshore drilling

“As we saw with the Gulf oil disaster, oil spills decimate tourism and fishing industries. In Virginia, that means risking over $2.5 billion and over 100,000 jobs in industries that depend on healthy ocean and Chesapeake Bay waters and clean beaches,” said Glen Besa with the Sierra Club. “It’s a risk that remains real as large spills continue to occur around the world and as Congress has yet to pass a single law strengthening federal oversight of offshore oil and gas development.”

“It is disappointing that so many Virginian politicians of both parties seem willing to jeopardize our strong coastal tourism and fisheries industries for a policy of drill every where and burn it all now that ignores environmental, climate and national security concerns,” said Besa.

P.S. I checked with Rep. Jim Moran’s office to see what they thought of this legislation, and they responded, “The Congressman does not support drilling of Virginia’s coast.”

  • Beth Kemler, Virginia State Director at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, had the following response to legislation introduced today by Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine that would open the waters off Virginia’s coasts to oil drilling:

    “Senators Warner and Kaine are siding with oil industry profits over safe coasts and a safe climate by advancing this dangerous drilling plan.

    “It’s irresponsible and simply unnecessary to risk oil-slick beaches and wildlife when we can instead tap the vast rewards of offshore wind power. The swift development of wind farms off Virginia’s coasts could create 10,000 jobs, while lessening the threat of rising seas and chronic flooding already plaguing coastal residents as a result of climate change.”

  • kindler

    …I pronounce it “oil of the above”, because that’s what it usually comes down to — a big focus on more oil drilling, plus the fig leaf of a couple of solar panels on an outhouse somewhere.  

    I’m so tired of politicans treating us like we’re stupid.  Politicians give lip service to clean energy and confronting climate change and then do nothing, nothing, nothing of substance to deal with these problems.  

    Why?  Because the oil firms dole out the big money, and that’s what gets you in the room with a Senator.  

  • …we’re supposed to focus on oil, not solar? Uh…can we say “totally misguided?”