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As Virginians Await Historic Ruling, Cuccinelli Continues Divisive Attacks on Equal Rights


(UPDATE: The Supreme Court has struck down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act (good!) and has dismissed California’s Proposition 8 for lack of standing (also good, but not as far as I’d hoped it would go). See more in the comments section of this diary… – promoted by lowkell)

From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Yesterday ABC News reported that Ken Cuccinelli led state Attorneys General to sign a letter suggesting that a Supreme Court decision overturning a gay marriage ban in California would somehow open the door to legalizing polygamy.

In response to Cuccinelli’s divisive rhetoric Virginia Senator Adam Ebbin and DPVA Chair Delegate Charniele Herring held a media conference call condemning the Attorney General’s attacks on equal rights.

“Ken Cuccinelli’s mean-spirited suggestion that legalizing gay marriage will somehow result in legalized polygamy is an example of how low he and his extreme allies would stoop to ensure that two adults, who love each other and happen to be gay or lesbian, remain second-class citizens in our country,” said Herring.

“Legalizing marriage for gay and lesbian couples is not any more likely to open the door for polygamy than it is to make the sky fall. If Ken Cuccinelli thought he could say that to scare people into advancing his extreme moral agenda, he probably would.”

Ebbin continued, “I’m extremely disappointed that Ken Cuccinelli spends our tax dollars and time on fear-mongering attacks on those who simply want the same rights as our fellow Americans and fellow Virginians have.

“While we don’t yet know how the court will rule, a couple things are clear. Legalizing gay marriage will not bring about some polygamist doomsday scenario, and electing Ken Cuccinelli would be a disaster for people who believe we are at our best when justice and equality are on the rise.”

To read more about Ken Cuccinelli’s dangerous anti-equality rhetoric click here.

  • Virginia Young Democrats Say Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality “Fits with Equality under the Law Guaranteed by Our Constitution”

    Virginia – June 26, 2013 – News Release – Today, in a 5-to-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States of America overturned the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA.)  The Virginia Young Democrats applaud this decision.

    “The Virginia Young Democrats have supported marriage equality for many years and we re-affirmed that belief by passing a resolution last year to add marriage equality to the 2012 Democratic platform,” said Gonzalo Aida of Richmond, president of the Virginia Young Democrats. “Today’s ruling fits with equality under the law guaranteed by our Constitution.”

    Marriage equality legislation is especially important in Virginia since the historic ruling in Loving vs. Virginia.

    “Rulings like Windsor vs. United States of America have a special significance for Virginians,” said Atima Omara-Alwala of Arlington, vice president of the Young Democrats of America and former Board member of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia. “Forty-six years ago, Loving vs. Virginia struck down the laws prohibiting interracial marriages; a law that would have prohibited my husband and I from marrying. Sadly, over four decades later Virginia is again on the wrong side of history with equality.”

    Marriage equality is not the only piece of the VAYD’s LGBTQ equality agenda; they also support the enactment of federal and state-level employee non-discrimination legislation and supported the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT.)

    “Unfortunately, having marriage equality recognized on the federal level is not the last step advocating for equality in Virginia,” said James Lewis of Alexandria, Virginia Young Democrats director of public affairs.  “The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia still prevents marriage equality and the Commonwealth has zero employee protections for members of the LGBTQ community.  We are celebrating today but we have more work to do tomorrow.”

    Members of the Virginia Young Democrats added these thoughts:

    “Today’s ruling is important to me as a progressive, it moves America and Virginia one step closer on this long journey to ensure all people are treated equally under the law regardless of sex, race, religious, disability status or who they love,” said Morgan Jameson of Vienna, VAYD Treasurer and vice president of Fairfax PRIDE.

    “I can think of no federal law more at odds with the Constitution than DOMA,” said Zachary Woodward, president of the William and Mary Young Democrats. “It disrespects both the dignity of the thousands of gay couples legally married in the U.S. and the rights of the states that have chosen to wed those couples. I’m glad the Supreme Court struck it down.”

  • here:

    “Held: Petitioners did not have standing to appeal the District Court’s order….For there to be such a case or controversy, it is not enough that the party invoking the power of the court have a keen interest in the issue. That party must also have “standing,” which requires, among other things, that it have suffered a concrete and particularized injury. Because we find that petitioners do not have standing, we have no authority to decide this case on the merits, and

    neither did the Ninth Circuit.”

    According to the ACLU Virginia: “BREAKING: #Prop8. No standing. 5-4. Same-sex marriage will be available in CA, but only if court clerks say that #Prop8 is unconstitutional.”  

  • Mark Warner tweets:

    “YES!!!!! #DOMA #SCOTUS

    Huge victories today, but more work to be done to ensure #MarriageEquality for all Americans. #SCOTUS”

  • DJRippert

    My understanding is that, at its core, the Supreme Court said that federal refusal to recognize gay marriage in the states that allow it is unconstitutional.  The federal refusal came in the form of a denial of benefits to gay couples legally married in the 11 states that allow gay marriage.

    How is this not a “states’ rights” case?

    Cuccinelli blathers on about states’ rights but then will decry a Supreme Court ruling that enforces the unquestioned right of states to define marriage as they see fit.

    Conservatives love to argue that they have “core values” and principles that are unshakable.  They have no such thing.  They love states’ rights when it is convenient and throw those same rights under the bus when the rights are inconvenient to their social philosophy.

  • Today’s Supreme Court decisions are an enormous victory for thousands of committed couples and their families across the country and a major step toward marriage equality. In ruling the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, the Court has affirmed the principle that every legally married couple has the same right to equal benefits and responsibilities. I stand with same-sex couples and their loved ones in applauding the decision to affirm the equal treatment of all married couples under the law.