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Video: Del. Rob Krupicka’s Superb Presentation to 200 Arlington Democrats


At least night’s Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) meeting, Del. Rob Krupicka (D-Alexandria, Arlington) gave a superb presentation, mocking Virginia Republicans for their extremism and corruption, and also talking about the starkly different Democratic vision for Virginia. That vision is based on providing a top-notch education to our people, celebrating our state’s (and our nation’s) diversity, strengthening families “in every form they take,” creating opportunity and jobs. As you can see from the video, the crowd loved it!

P.S. And of course, Del. Krupicka is running for reelection and needs everyone’s support. Go Rob!

  • Seth

    highlight of the night. Go Rob!

  • wolfrunner

    Krupicka has it right.  As long as we focus on education, transportation and jobs, we will win.

    The problem with the GOP ticket is not that their ideas and pronouncements are extreme (or moderate or confused.  The problem is that their ideas are wrong.  Most have been tried and have failed.  

    There is no research anywhere that I have seen that shows that voters are looking to support the nastiest (or stupidest) name-callers.  If the campaign devolves into us calling them “extreme” and they call us “socialist” I think we lose the name-calling battle.  

  • pvogel

    It was 7 years ago   , just after I retired,  That  the door  of my house was knocked,  and   Rob   was there to ask us for his  vote. We talked  a fewe minutes,  and   afterwords  I became  not only  a  vanilla  voter for the democrats,  but    an activist and advocate  for the democrats.Its been a bumpy ride,     but well worth it