Video: Ken Cuccinelli Dodges Chuck Todd’s Repeated Questions on EW Jackson


    (UPDATE: NLS makes a great point, that Cuccinelli did NOT keep his vote to himself for the AG nomination, announcing his support for Mark Obenshain the day of the convention. How do you spell Cuccinelli? L-I-A-R. – promoted by lowkell)

    I’ll give Chuck Todd credit for trying (multiple times to get an answer), but Ken Cuccinelli simply keeps dodging any and all questions about EW Jackson. What’s maddening about it is that we all know Cuccinelli and Jackson are simpatico on 90%+ of issues, as well as on their propensity to say the crazy stuff they believe out loud (and in the most offensive, divisive manner). Yet somehow, Cuccinelli is treated by the media as a serious person, while EW Jackson is treated as the tinfoil-hat laughingstock BOTH OF THEM (and let’s not forget Mark Obenshain, who wants to criminalize miscarriages, either!) truly are. Why is that?!?

    P.S. An astute Virginia politico emailed me to ask, “Is it just me or did the Cooch line ‘I keep my votes to myself’…open up a great bumper sticker opportunity?”  

    • pontoon

      “I’m going to get Democrats and Republicans together” to make decisions regarding tax loopholes before?  Didn’t Mitt Romney say that last year about his tax plan?

    • AShifflett

      I really do think this ticket is going to go down in flames.  My fear used to be that the Republicans would learn to hide this kind of crap.  Doesn’t seem to be happening.

      Go team go!  

    • FWfromNOVA

      by Kens crooked neck to listen to a word he’s saying . But it seems like he isn’t saying much of anything. Didn’t Mitt Romney use this same lowering taxes and closing loopholes strategy to complete failure just 7 months ago?