Video: Mitt Romney Demonstrates Compassionate Conservatism; Whines About Sandy Hurting His Campaign


    Gotta love it; Romney doesn’t say that Superstorm Sandy was a tragedy, that he feels great compassion for the victims, that President Obama and Governor Christie did superb jobs in a crisis, etc. Oh no, none of that. Instead, it’s b**** and whine about how that darn hurricane ruined the last week of his presidential campaign, gave Obama a chance to “act presidential” and “show sympathy,” and probably gave him a bad hair day as well. What a jerk, but so typically Republican – zero empathy, all about ME ME ME ME ME ME!!! Ick.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Mitt’s lack of character was on display when he was in private school and led a gang “arrested development” teens as they attacked a fellow student, pinned him down, and forcibly cut the boy’s hair. While others later regretted what they did, Mitt “didn’t remember” the incident. He built his wealth by buying companies using debt he piled on them (leveraged buyouts), never giving a thought to the havoc wreaked on employees and localities when many of those companies were liquidated to pay off the debt (which included huge payouts to Bain & Co.) It makes “Mitt sense” that he would partially blame a hurricane for the fact that the Obama team whipped his butt.