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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, June 27.

*Historic gains for gay rights (“Court clears way for Calif. couples, federal benefits”)

*Conservatives vow legislative fight against gay marriage (Right wingers on the wrong side of history as always…)

*In 2009, Snowden voiced contempt for those who leak classified data (Hmmmm.)

*Conservatives’ judicial power grab (“The right using its Supreme Court majority to drag the country back to the Gilded Age.”)

*Corker-Warner Housing Finance Bill an Important Start but Falls Short on Serving America’s Families

*The End of Fannie and Freddie?

*Conservatives threaten to oust Boehner if he allows vote on immigration bill favored by Democrats

*In Va., same-sex marriage rulings highlight split in governor’s race (“Cuccinelli has expressed support for Calif.’s Proposition 8; McAuliffe applauds Supreme Court’s rulings.”)

*Reactions from Virginia leaders on DOMA decision

*Court ruling in Calif. case won’t alter Va. ban on gay marriage – yet (“Virginia gay-rights advocates celebrated Wednesday’s rulings but conceded those decisions don’t endanger the state’s ban on such unions”)

*Historic gay rights ruling blunted in Virginia

*Democrats see Cuccinelli backpedaling with gas statement

*Editorial: The Supreme Court & Virginia Elections (“…the Republican campaigns of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for governor, the Rev. E. W. Jackson for lieutenant governor and Sen. Mark Obenshain for attorney general showed no signs of deviation from the lead Cuccinelli and his right wing ideological sidekick Del. Bob Marshall have provided as critics of the Voting Rights Act and opponents of LGBT equality.”)

*The Governor of Virginia’s Rolex is Officially a Problem (It really astonishes me that Bob McDonnell’s political career has been ruined by such petty corruption. But so it has. Amazing.)

*D.C. area forecast: T’storms likely today, weekend far from rain-free but not a washout

*Poll shows D.C. area is hypocritical about ‘redskin’ (“Psychologists have a term for such self-serving intellectual duplicity. They call it ‘compartmentalization.'”)

*Nationals power past Diamondbacks

  • Just a few points here. 1) Texas is the execution capital of America, so the statement that “no life…is trivial in god’s eye” is utter hypocrisy. 2) Under Rick Perry, Texas is the state that allows dangerous industrial facilities get away with murder, locating themselves right next to schools and not adhering to adequate safety regulations (wait, it’s Texas – WHAT regulations?!?). 3) For someone who supposedly cares about kids and “life,” Perry has a weird way of showing it, fighting the expansion of health care to the citizens of his state, which of course will lead to many illnesses and early deaths – thanks to Perry’s policies. 4) The LAST person who should be telling a woman what to do with her body is a holier-than-thou, male politician like Rick Perry – just STFU! Bottom line: Rick Perry is scum, joining Senator Ted Cruz, former Rep. Tom DeLay, the insane Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX), and the panoply of many other extremist, anti-choice, anti-healthcare, pro-death-penalty, pro-industry-doing-whatever-the-f***-it-wants Republicans coming out of the Lone Star State (and, sadly, many other states, including Virginia – Ken Cuccinelli, EW Jackson, Mark Obenshain, Morgan Griffith, Eric Can’tor, etc, etc.). Gack.