What in the World Is Del. David Ramadan Hiding?


    A good question from the Democratic Party of Virginia!

    Delegate David Ramadan has remained silent after news broke of his upcoming appearance in front of a federal grand jury.

    After first refusing to disclose thousands for dollars in gifts from the Taiwanese government Ramadan, a jeweler, is now dodging questions about gifts he’s given to the Governor’s family.

    When asked by the Washington Post about gifts he’d given to the Governor’s wife Maureen McDonnell he refused to answer directly saying, “It’s not something I’d like to comment on. Our current laws exempt family. This is beyond the scope [of the law] at this point, and I really don’t think we should be going there at all.”

    Since then he’s been nearly radio silent and hiding from press. Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr said he could not confirm or deny an investigation, but said that people who are subpoenaed may speak as they wish.

    “It seems transparency isn’t at the top of Delegate Ramadan’s list of priorities,” said Democratic House Caucus Spokesperson Ashley Bauman. “Virginians deserve open and honest elected officials that they can trust and Delegate Ramadan has proven time and time again he isn’t that.

    • demomatic

      Its likely Ramadan gave some jewels to the Queen!

      From the Washington Post:

      “Ramadan, a jeweler and friend of the governor’s, confirmed that he has been asked to testify before a grand jury in July to provide information that appeared to relate to McDonnell and his wife, Maureen.”