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BREAKING: Sen. Barbara Favola Calls for Bob McDonnell to Resign


Previously, only Sen. Chap Petersen had called on Bob McDonnell to resign as governor, and even then ONLY if he refused to “come clean” and repay the taxpayers. Sen. Barbara Favola has now gone even further, if anything. Interesting…

  • in a new piece, The Secrets of the Governor’s Mansion:

    Enough is enough. GiftGate has expanded beyond the point where there are  reasonable explanations that Governor Bob McDonnell can offer for his behavior. The drip-drip-drip of revelations has steadily eroded my confidence since May, when I offered a lukewarm defense of the governor in “Still Looking for the Scandal.” Now there is little trust left to drain.


    That’s what offends me about McDonnell’s behavior. Normal people just don’t act like that! Indeed, when you’re governor, you go overboard to avoid putting yourself in a position where you feel personally indebted to anyone because you never know what kind of favor might be asked. For all the differences I’ve had with his transportation policy, I always considered McDonnell to be a decent, upstanding individual. But I cannot understand how he would accept such gifts in good conscience.

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